January, cold night-6 people, private 6 hrs! WOW what a night, clear voices out of thin air recorded

What a great night!

  • Keith went in the basement right away to get a fire going for our 6 hour hunt. He was bent down putting wood in the fireplace when he saw a large shadow, approximately six foot, standing watching him in the doorway in between the fireplace room and next room (slave area).

  • As quickly as he saw it, it quickly disappeared.

  • K2 hits in the attic.

  • Very loud bang on the 2nd floor while we were all in the dining room, asked can you make that noise again, heard a second bang but not as loud.

  • Dowsing rods were used successfully in the piano room.

  • One guest felt dizzy and ill every time he tried to enter room #4 on the first floor.

  • On the second floor hallway two guests said “this is your last chance to let us know you are here” they heard someway say “Hey!” and a tap of a foot then what sounded like a foot dragging noise, the rest of the group was warming by the fire in the basement.

  • The sound of poker chips or a coin dropping to the floor was heard in the 1st floor bay window room from the basement.

  • While in the fireplace room we all heard footsteps in next room slave area & on the 1st floor in the dining room right above us so loud the floorboards creaked.

  • We used the mag lights with great success turning on for yes and off for no in the dining room, attic and slave room.

  • When we did an evp session and played back the recording the mag lights responded to the recording of us also.

MANY evp’s captured throughout the night: (evp’s text bold and in quotes)

#1: 1st floor bay window – Can you tell your name? “Craig or Greg”

#2: Slave room – can you tell me your name? “yeah”

#3: Fireplace room – are you messing with my phone? “Jesus!”

#4: Small room in the attic –why do they call you crazy? “cuz I jumped in the water”

#5: Slave room – what is your name? “Karen”

#6: Fireplace room, same female voice as #5 -Did you work here? “feed”. Were you a cook? K2 response up to red. Did you cook beef stew? K2 response up to red. How about fried chicken? K2 response up to red.

#7: Fireplace room – my right ear was touched. Who touched Dawn’s ear? “it’s ok, I did it again”

#8: 2nd floor middle room on left – do you want us to leave? (male voice) “yes!”

#9: All in fireplace room heard the chain ratt