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Friday night was a night for shadow figures in and outside. Phantom footsteps at a slow pace, thru o

Incredible Activity!

Investigation notes, from this Friday, we started early 7pm. We decided not to utilize a lot of different equipment at our disposal, however, just KII meters and digital recorders to start, it was a wise choice with amazing results! We split up after the walk through, ½ inside while the other ½ waited outside. I hope the following experiences blow your mind as they did mine!

Starting in the cistern room standing near the windows my KII/EMF meter flashed once. I asked again for whoever made that happen to please do it again, it did not, nevertheless I felt the presence of someone behind me and I quickly moved my KII behind me with my right hand on the right side of my body, I knew someone was there and I felt the rush of air on my left side as if the presence was running from the meter not to get caught! In the slave quarters, we sat quietly to watch & listen. Shadows & Silhouettes were seen moving in the fireplace room as well as inside the cistern room. One of the guests had a mag-light flashlight, it was set on the slave block with a KII meter. I asked the gentleman to my right as I reached out for his arm if he had just raised his. He said no, you saw it too? A dark shadow blocked our vision of the meter and flashlight sitting on the block, it only lasted a few seconds but we both saw it! I decided to go to the 1st floor to grab extra mag-lights, as I like to set up several in various places in the room. I anxiously ran up the steps and returned with three more. Upon my return, I was asked if I heard anything? I replied no, the group explained to me there were footsteps on the basement steps after me. The footsteps didn’t run up the steps as I did. They were slow and one step at a time! I stated I hope they came back downstairs with me! These phantom footsteps continued on this staircase whether we were downstairs or upstairs throughout the entire night. We had one hell of an outstanding 30 min mag-light session in the slave quarters, then it was time to switch groups!

The second group came in and we attempted to continue the slave quarters mag-light session. One of guests set up a rem-pod in the doorway. Again we saw shadows in the next room. We were not having luck with the mag-lights, we tried for 10-15 minutes and then I asked that the rem-pod be moved from the doorway. It was moved into the next room on the cutting block. Shortly after that one of the mag-lights, in the corner, turned on. This session was different than the first. The mag-lights wouldn’t respond to our questions instead while we were randomly talking was when the spirits would interact, just as if to be a part of the conversation vs. us focusing on them. One of the guests said she saw a shadow in the corner prior to the flashlight turning on & my male African American friend felt a brush of a hand across his back!

Lately we have heard many male voices in the house, on this night it was the females turn to speak out. From in the fireplace room several times throughout the night words that could not be understood & mumbles or groans in a female pitch were heard by all.

On the 1st floor in the prostitutes room, KII meters and a mag-light were set up by the window on one of the wall studs. I was absolutely thrilled the KII’s were pegging up to the highest color, red and responding to questions. The reason for my excitement, as I said before the male spirits have been very vocal recently and tonight hearing a female voice in the house & receiving responses from inside her room lets me know & makes me so happy she is still present. (mind you we did have a night of only male guests getting groped on their behinds all over the house, I was hopeful this was her, we can never know for certain ;-).

A group went to investigate the attic, they reported not feeling comfortable in the space as the dynamics changed. The atmosphere became extremely unwelcoming. So much so that a male guest had to step out onto the balcony for fresh air. When he stepped back in the room from the balcony his right leg was grabbed around his calf and ankle. He felt the need to get out of the house entirely. He explained his dizziness and feeling the fingers on his legs. He was not scratched but shook up. How creepy to feel fingers on your body from something you cannot see with your own eyes!

During a much needed break outside to regain focus after all the events, we relaxed leaning against the limestone wall. So much for a break, as we saw a figure by the tree/picnic table area & later, further away in the yard. Something/one was poking out from behind a truck parked there and would just disappear! Speaking of the shadows on this night, some were also seen on the 1st floor toward the back of the house. This seems to be a common area for such a spectacular sight as it has been reported many times before.

In the beginning of the night I had set a rem pod on top of the piano, several hours had gone by and we had not heard it beep. Some guests were in the basement and finally heard it on a low to medium pitch beep two or three times. I suggested we go in that room and I broke out my favorite, the dowsing rods. The first guest to use them received what we call ‘a hug’. Very, very slowly the rods moved back to touch her shoulders and neck. They began to move toward the front of her and stayed out to the sides, she reset and started again, instead of answering questions the rods proceeded to move slowly back toward her again. A few others tried the rods as I anxiously awaited my turn. As I said these are my favorite device to use, I believe simply because they are “old fashioned”. The rods crossed and uncrossed to answer questions and even pointed to the police officer when I asked them to do so and returned to the front of me. I asked what I presume was an unwanted question and pushed the limit, she (the spirit) was done, the rods stopped, I apologized and we stopped the entire session.

Walking around the 2nd floor the KII meters pegged in the bedroom on the left toward the front of the house. The meter responded to questions then went dead, no pun intended. One of the guests asked do you want us to leave? The meter pegged again, taking that as a sign, considering all the crazy experiences throughout the night, it was late, people were starting to yawn (definitely not from boredom, it was approximately midnight), we thanked the spirts, packed up and said goodnight.

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