A look back, at the crazy things that have happened to one of the bravest Guides-Meri, and her famil

Pat, Hello. Just following up with you after interview at Morse Mill. Apparently they stirred things up. We only stayed about 3 hrs but had lots of activity. We saw lots of shadows, felt lots of cold spots and half the group felt like they were touched at one time or another. It had started to rain and lightning and part of the group saw a large man shadow in the light from the lightning.

My 16 year old son was with us and they were touching him most of the night.

Rachel has pictures of my sons hand print on the floor then there is a little kids hand print next to his in the dust where he was sitting.

We had a glow in the dark flashlight that looked like someone kept putting a hand over and covering so you couldn't see it glow, then it actually turned on by itself.

I had a sling bag on my right shoulder, I thought the second set of strings had gotten caught on a door as we walked down a hallway but when I turned to unhook it the bag was suspended in air like someone was holding the other side of strings. I responded with a "stop it" the rest of the group turned around, saw the bag suspended, then the bag fell and spun around on my arm.

When we were in the attic the small ball that is up there was moving on its own. We went back down to the piano room and had something blocking the beam from the laser light pen, it looked like fingers. I turned on a flashlight to confirm that it wasn't a bug, it was not, then the activity stopped.

While sitting on the couch there was the smell of body odor and it was not anyone in the group, again we checked.

When we were gathering things up to leave we noticed wet foot prints by the couch, they were bare feet and we all had shoes on, tried to take pictures but once we turned on camera, the footprints faded and were gone.

When we got home my husband took of his shirt and he had a dozen scratches in the middle of his back. I took pictures and have included them. He didn't know how or when it occurred. Each time he has been there he has either been pushed, scratched or both. I don't think they like him there.

Allen would like you to give him a call about the girl in the window video to see how to open.

Thanks, Meri

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