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Shadow figures, peering around corners, butt touched. Creepy!

We are trying to understand, how pictures have been deleted off several cameras instantly after taking and viewing them?

There is one, that shows a red, face shaped, glowing shape, with red lines that continue outward into the room like 10 feet. We didn't see this with our eyes, but were hearing humming and noises from that area. There were smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies towards the kitchen as well.

For about 30 minutes, we sat on the couch in the room next to the prostitues' room and watched a shadow figure peek his head and shoulder around the door frame as if he or she were peeking at us every few seconds. then a smaller figure would do the same on the other side of the door frame just not as often. And I tried to de-bunk it, with no result.

The humming kept happening then too. We heard 3 or 4 times a foot step above us while sitting on that couch.

There were more times than not while simply walking throughout the hotel that we all felt as if we were walking in a 'fun house' like the floors were crooked, on a steep slant, especially in the blue room, around the prostitute room, and walking down the hall on the 2nd floor where that odor came from the locked room by the hanging bed room.

OK, here is the attic.

I got my hair pulled twice, two fingers played with my butt crack...yes, two fingers fondled the top 2 inches of my butt crack. I was sitting Indian style on the floor by myself away from the group with my back towards the door by the balcony. My crack was hanging out a little, and I'm guessing whoever was behind me, liked it. I kept hearing one foot step to my right, it felt heavy, and not good up there. My friend, Robin was brushed on her back by something, and NOTHING was behind her. There was a dark area on the camera, which is weird. orbs, weird green lights, and most of all, the up side down saw horse above Rachel's head. We weren't feeling well, almost sick, like flu-ish. real heavy feeling. There is a reddish mist that formed and a green mist too, which we caught on camera. Our second trip up there was without the guys, and it was a different feeling than the first time, much heavier, almost like we would've been harmed or something. That's when the sick feelings happened, and the sawhorse happened. still freaks me out.

eeeeeekkk!!! this was soooo awesome!

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