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Slave dungeon activity, crazy account of dancing sensation!

Notice the flashlight in the photo, is off!

Down in the slave dungeon, my daughter felt a burn on the right side of her forehead, I took a picture, and there is an orange glow all around her head and an orb. She developed a visible scratch, which lasted over a week. We all at one point or more felt cold air, and watched the door fill up with a darkness, like someone was walking in the room, and it would go away suddenly.

I also felt a very real blast of cold air more than 10 times while sitting on the lime stone seat. My right ankle began to burn really badly at one point so I stood up. I moved towards the door opening of the slave room and offered my hand to William. Shortly thereafter, the door filled again with blackness, as it had done several times while we were down there, but this time, my right hand became warm, and I was forced to sway back and forth as if I was being forced to dance, and I couldn’t make myself stop. I told everyone there what was happening and it stopped after 10-15 seconds. I said I couldn’t be in there any longer and so we left.

The pictures in this group were all taken in the basement, some of the pictures have explainable glows and streaks.



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