This happened, in their car!

This is Dana. I called and told you my experience yesterday on the phone. I thank you again and will be contacting you within the next couple days.

Here's the story for you. I was in my the car with three other people. We pulled in at the end of the gravel drive deciding if we wanted to get out and walk up to the hotel or drive up and get out closer.

We drove around the hotel one time and came back go the end of the gravel drive.

My friend, Brittany, was in the front seat. She started crying and screaming telling us "Go! We are leaving. Now!!"

Nobody else saw what she was seeing so we couldn't figure out why she was freaking out. She says "look in that top left window!" Sure enough we all seen a woman in a white dress pacing back and forth in this one window. She stops pacing for two second, walks away and just disappears. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was so shocked I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It was a human like figure. It was more apparition or spirit like. That situation still plays on my head to this day. Ever since I knew I had to get inside sometime for more proof that I'm not crazy!

Here is a photo of an old portrait, imagine in the top right window. He's on the bottom of the window. That's what I saw. It looked like a heavier set man holding something like a pitch fork.



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