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9/18 10pm to 2am. Footsteps above us, 1 man touched. Shadows walking.

10 pm – 2am 6 guests

This was the first time investigating for this group and their enthusiasm was contagious! The energy was amped up and what a night! The following events were my favorite experience with this group:

Basement – While in the slave quarters there was a freezing presence standing in between two men after one of their kII meters pegged, they had chills and goosebumps on their arms! We also heard heavy footstep above us on the first floor, all doors were locked, no one was up there! Later in the night while the group was investigating, the same male guest that had the KII peg stated his hands were also touched in the basement. He said it felt like a light pet on the back of each hand. They also had several responses using the maglight flashlight.

Outside – Three of us were standing on the sidewalk in front of the house, the front door was wide open. With his back to the house, a male guest turned to look if someone was in the piano room. He turned back to face me and asked if someone just walked through the room. I answered no. He stated he felt a cold breeze pass him by on the sidewalk as he watched an oval black mist hurry by on the sidewalk and down the steps and disappear when it reached the street. That is why he turned around to see if someone passed by the open front door and cast a shadow onto the sidewalk. I was facing the house and no one was in the piano room to cast a shadow. I felt the cold breeze go over my foot as I was standing on the steps by the stone wall (I was wearing sandals). Unfortunately I did not see the shadow as one of the other guest and I were having a conversation and I was looking at him.

2nd floor – We entered the bay window room only to walk into a heaviness experienced by myself and the female guest behind me. We were by the windows, as we stood waiting for the rest of the group behind us, we both stated pressure on our heads like someone was squeezing us. I had to move, I stepped away into the next room and the squeezing pressure stopped. She moved into the corner of the room and felt better also.

Attic – Approximately 1:45 am we were in the attic when the wind kicked up, lightening was flashing and we heard crack, crack, crack, boom! The door to the balcony was open, we heard a huge tree fall! Of course we had to step out onto the balcony to look outside. We looked in the yard and around at the houses nearby to see if it had fallen on one. Luckily it did not. As we searched with our eyes, I was facing the river when someone said they saw flashlights down the road. I turned to my right to look and my eyes immediately drew to the 2nd floor veranda on the hotel. Before I could spit the words out I grabbed the guy in front of me and said “Look! Did you see that?” “A shadow, a person, is walking on the veranda!” Through the spindles of the 3rd floor balcony outside the attic I saw a silhouette of a person, it was walking very fast on the 2nd floor veranda toward us! We peeked over to look down hoping to see where it had gone. It was no longer there, disappeared into thin air!! I couldn’t make out if it was a man or a woman, it was definitely an adult. Who was in such a hurry and where were they going?

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