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Company outing has strange event, involving wrist watch, outline of a man standing behind them.

This we thought interesting since last week one of the workers, remodeling the building interior said something was pulling on his watch band while he was taking a break in the piano room.

Piano room: Guest watch fell off arm and broke, he was not touching his watch or his arm. K2’s flashing up to red while talking about whiskey in hotel.

1st floor bay window room: Guest saw someone standing behind him, turned around and no one in the room but could see the outline of a man in the corner. Very creepy!

Room #4: flashlight going on and off and k2 lighting in response to questions.

2nd floor bay window room: dowsing rods responding to questions, flashlight going on and off in response to questions and k2 lighting in response to questions. The k2 went all the way red in response to the question “do you want us to leave this room?”

Attic: the k2 would light when the group would laugh, the dowsing rods were responding to questions, the ball moved slightly when the group asked for it to move.

Slave room: flashlight on and off in response to questions, the room became darker as group felt that some one moved across the room between them.

Cistern room: flashlight on and off in response to questions, k2 lighting to red in the same area, one of the girls felt like someone touched her left hand.

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