Electrician apprentice, 1st day in the building.

I just spoke to the Master Electrician. And he told me of something that happened, weeks ago! It was the helpers first time, in the building.

They both were working in the building, on the first floor. The Electrician in charge, failed to forewarn the helper of our paranormal history.

Apparently the helper was at the North end, and the Electrician was at the Piano room.

The helper yelled, the Electrician went to him. Something put a single scratch, down his back, under his shirt. He has since read the history. He stayed that day, but has only returned briefly on one occasion.

We need to remind these guys, to be careful, don't provoke. I say that because in 12 years that I've been here, no one gets touched for no reason.

Food ffor thought!

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