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Very Active 2 hrs….

8-10 pm group of 11

Energetic group, active night!

Piano room – KII pegging up to red while discussing history.

Basement slave quarters – set up mag-light on the slave block. Guest with a thermal reader had readings seeing heat signatures coming and going however mag-light did not come on, we left the room.

1st floor bay window room – several KII meters pegging yellow. Started pegging at red once we acknowledged someone was in the room with us. One guest standing by the chair in the room KII kept flashing up to red and held at red. Then the KII would go around the room, each flashing one by one. When a guest started taking pictures, the KII stopped. Asked whoever was making the KII meters light up to come back in the room with us. The guest said she wouldn’t take anymore pictures. We waited and the KII’s started lighting up again.

The group wanted to try the mag-light in this room since KII activity was abundant. Set the mag-light on the chair, within a minute and a ½ the mag-light flashed on and off. The group gasped! KII meters continued to light up to red. Guests were asking questions the mag-light turned on all the way, very bright. The group gasped again! The girl standing next to me grabbed my arm and was tugging on my shirt sleeve, saying “oh my god, oh my god!” A thermal image was captured above the chair the mag-light was sitting on.

The group decided to move on and see the rest of the house and would come back to this room later. I asked the spirit in the room if they would like to come with us on the walk through the house and the mag-light turned on again. We continued to walk through each room on the 1st floor and KII meters continued to peg to yellow and red through each room. We were being followed. In Room #4 I asked “are you following us?” the KII pegged to red, three flashes. I then asked “are you going to the 2nd floor with us?” KII pegged to red, one flash.

2nd floor bay window room – KII pegs again as we enter the room and wait for the rest of the group to come up the stairs. Once everyone enters the room the KII meters were holding at red.

We walked through the second floor rooms and down the hall. The group was gathered in the hallway toward the front of the house. I stepped into the hanging bed bedroom so everyone could hear me talk. My KII meter was pegging to yellow and orange as I talked to the group.

I crossed the hall over to the big bedroom and described the video of the little girl captured in this room. The group stayed in the hallway. My KII meter was pegging again.

Attic – going up the attic steps a female guest felt dizzy and lost her balance. KII in the attic talking about and saying the name of the little girl in this area.

The guests split up into three different groups to explore the house. 4 of us stayed in the attic and had more KII all around the room as we walked around. When we tried to leave the attic the KII meters pegged and held at red at the tops of the staircase.

KII continued for the guests all over the house. Mag-light was used again in the bay window room on the first floor. A male guest reported the flashlight turned off in his hand twice at the same time his KII pegged to red. This happened on the second floor and first floor.

A female guest with several different pieces of equipment, thermal image, digital recorder, etc. had everything drain and shut down. She said she put all new batteries in before she her visit. She says she can usually go for 4 hrs,

here she lasted 30 minutes and all devices dead in the water. All batteries, in all equipment drained at once, no clue!

We called it a night after this as she could no longer try to capture evidence.

The spirits shut us down, once again.

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