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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Saturday 10-11-14 “The girl proceeded to jump and scream”. As well as a "Sha

8pm – 10 pm Group of 8

1st floor bay window room – a girl turned and looked at her friend and asked “did you just pick up my hair?” her friend put her hands in the air and said “I didn’t touch you.” The girl proceeded to jump and scream. The man standing behind her said he saw her hair lift into the air. He said it looked like static but realized it couldn’t have been static on just one lock of hair!

2nd floor bay window room – a male guest following close behind me up the steps and through the doorway, reported the feeling of a cobweb on the back of his neck. Now if there were a cobweb I would have walked through it first and I did not experience that feeling. We checked him for cobwebs and none were found.

Slave quarters – using a mag light flashlight four of us sat in this room for a long time due to the light turning on & off responding to questions. It's fun when this happends, using the guests flashlight!

1st floor – 2nd night in a row shadow seen pacing in the house! This night it was in what used to be room #3 (back of the house). Two people saw it and watched it from the dining room. They distinctly described shoulders and a head not quite 6 feet tall. However couldn’t say whether it was male or female. I asked could you see hair and they said no, just a black shadow of a person. While it paced it was clearly defined when it passed by the window blocking out the light from hwy EE. The two people said it was inside the house. There was no one else on this floor as they watched it.

Room #4 – ten minutes left on the tour, group of girls wanted to try this room. They did have K2 flashes up to red.

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