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Something creepy was on the staircase!

Posted originally on November 21, 2016 by admin

A Saturday night, Group of 8 guests, myself and a friend I brought along. What a night we had!

Theresa and I arrived early, this being her first time on a ghost tour at a known haunted location. I wanted time for the two of us to do some private ghost hunting before the guests arrived. We first visited the tire swings hanging from the tree. As we sat on the picnic table looking at and talking about the house, I explained there are things that happen in the yard as well. One of them which I wanted to show her. This was a warm humid night, not a slight breeze in the air. I began asking if anyone were near would they please move one of the tires, move it so the white wall would face us. It moved in the opposite direction, but it did indeed move!! I don’t mind a spirit being playful and doing the opposite, I was very happy to have some action out in the yard. Both tire swings moved upon request, she was impressed and ready to go inside the house!

Once inside I unpacked my gear, set up a few pieces of equipment and grabbed two K2 meters for our investigation. Approximately 10 minutes after being set on the dining room table, the rem pod began to beep and light up. We were in the room when it did so. I was ecstatic, this was the first time my personal rem pod had activity. I have seen others work in the hotel but thrilled my personal one finally did. We walked through the house opening a few windows for fresh air, checking for any tools or obstructions that would need to be cleared. Upon our entrance to the attic we both heard a loud noise below that was clearly inside. I locked us in before we began our journey through the building as I always do. We stood quiet and listened for more, the silence seemed like a lifetime. I stood at the top of the attic steps, raised my voice and asked “whoever made that noise, will you do it again?” We listened, then went to the 2nd floor to investigate as we had just been there minutes before. Nothing seemed out of place, doors to rooms open, windows we cracked open still open. On to the first floor, we looked around didn’t see anyone and I double checked the doors, yes, they were locked. Theresa commented the energy on the 1st floor was quite different than upstairs, a different atmosphere. She held out her hands while she spoke as to feel the room. A comfort she said.

Guests arrive, we begin the basement. In the slave quarters I describe & demonstrate during the TAPS visit in 2011, they heard the sound of metal clinking. I myself have heard the same noise 3 times over the last 4 hours, each time the room was empty. It is the sound of the chain on the slave block being moved or picked up slightly and dropped. After I did this twice, one of the ladies (group of 4 friends) K2/EMF meter began to flash. I set up 2 Maglite flashlights on the slave block due to the K2. As I am setting up one guests K2’s was flashing up to orange. I borrowed one of the guests Maglite just to show mine is not rigged or special. I asked if anyone was in the room with us would they turn one of the flashlights, one of them lit up. Great! I advised the group the night before I spent a lot of time in this room and did not get a Maglite to turn on once! I was thrilled, we continued, I asked for it to be turned off, the spirit complied however, did not turn one back on. So I asked “if you would like us to come back later, will you turn one of them on?” no response. I asked “do you not want visitors tonight?” no response. I then stated, out of respect or perhaps an FYI, I would be back later to try again and really hope they will communicate again.

We moved on to the 1st floor. Moving on from the bay window room one of the ladies had yellow K2. A women in the other group asked “do people get touched in this room?” I advised

yes many have. She said something just touched her ankle! I asked what it felt like, she said a brush across her skin.

2nd floor – as we are walking up the steps, Theresa quietly tells me she feels the change in energy again. We spent quite a bit of time in the bay window room talking about death, why spirits stay behind or cross over and come back. Of course none of us really know and will find out someday. Casual conversation over I begin to tell the story of my sons friend being scratched 4 times in one night because one he received happened in this room. As I am telling this story I side stepped 2 steps without breaking concentration in my story. However, one of the guests took note and asked “what are you doing, why did you move?” I responded “nothing!” and continued with my story. As a guide at the hotel I do not speak up when I feel something, although I ask guests to do so that way if someone else feels, hears, sees the same thing we can validate the activity among each other. The reason I myself do not announce a personal experience is because I am an employee, I don’t want visitors to think I am being “cheesy” or trying to scare them or put on a phony personal experience. I encounter enough, this is their tour, their experience, I want their visit to be about them and what they encounter, not me. I did need to step out of the space something just wasn’t right. Once I did I was fine. This is important and the reason I am writing about it now will be further described once we move down the hall into another room on the 2nd floor.

We went across the hall, chit chatted, I told several stories about paranormal experiences in the room we were in and the hallway. We moved to the front of the house into the room on the right, the big bedroom or little girl room as we refer to it. I always seem to stand in the same spot, no particular reason, habit I suppose. I begin with accounts of children on this floor and ask if anyone has seen the video of the little girl looking out the window? Some had, I advise this is that room!

I want to back up to the paragraph regarding me side stepping in the bay window room and the female guest noticing the action. I stuck my foot in my mouth and had to eat my words. My words I didn’t mention prior in this story. The guests and I talked about being scared and fearful things that have happened in the hotel. They asked me if I had ever been scared, I answered yes I have, when Alec received 4 scratches in one night, absolutely freaked me out. This was the only one time I was truly scared, am I brave or stupid? Please keep your answer to yourself. Despite his unfortunate attacks, we stayed that night, our curiosity had taken over. 99% percent of the time when the choice is Fight or Flight, I am a fighter. On tonight’s tour, I had the 1% experience!

Back to the little girl room, as I talk about the video she was captured in, my stance in my “normal spot”. I was overcome with dizziness, my stomach in knots and I seriously thought I was going to vomit or pass out! The overwhelming, adrenaline rush and heavy pressure on my chest and head was one I had never experienced! I blurted out “omg, I have to move out of this space!” I apologized and walked to stand in the doorway and finish the blurb on this room and video thinking to myself carry on quickly and get the hell out of here!! I tried to appear as all was normal, unfortunately for me, my guests didn’t want to let this one go! They stopped me from continuing with my stories of the room, one said “wait, wait” and asked “what just happened?” I don’t know if I had a look on my face that couldn’t go unnoticed by them as I tried

to carry on in a normal matter. Some of the women stepped into “my spot” to check it out. My friend Theresa whispered to me she also didn’t feel right and her K2 meter flashed a couple of times as we stood in the doorway. The women in the space stated they felt a swimming in their heads that moved down their faces into their chests and stomachs. I said “yes, that is why I had to move”. I felt intoxicated as we moved down the hall. The tour must go on and we had one more stop, the attic!!

As I listen to my digital recorder to write these words, I hear in my voice I am rattled, short of breath and ask Theresa “what was that?” she said bad energy!! In the attic I opened the door to the newly built balcony and Theresa and I stood in the doorway in desperate need of fresh air! The guests are trailing up the steps behind us. Attic ghost stories and safety notes addressed, Theresa and I bolted to the 1st floor for a drink of water and to step outside to try and shake it off! On our way down the steps we discussed the 2nd floor and how she also felt a static electricity type of feeling and her hair being played with. She again said “the energy is so different on the first floor, there is a gate keeper here and he is on the 2nd floor” she described it as her skin crawling upon entrance to the 2nd floor. She walked around in the dining and piano room stating this is good energy, once she reached the bottom of the staircase she stated it changes right here, and that gate keeper is at the top of the steps, he escorts people up and down the steps and around the 2nd floor. Remember I mentioned earlier this was her FIRST actual ghost hunt, she is a believer and has always believed and felt different energies throughout her life.

Outside Theresa said “let me show you something that’s really weird, It’s been with me for hours now, look at the back of my hair, look right here, I have been feeling it all night” I looked and her hair was separated, sticking up all over. She had a wrap on, like a headband, totally adorable afro style hairdo, very cute on her. I suppose the spirits thought so too and played with her hair all night. She looked up into the sky, grabbed my arm and said “look, we have a full moon tonight!” Interesting to say the least, the moon pulls the tide, affects moods, probably so much more we don’t even realize, that is my belief anyway!

Back inside the house we split up into groups to cover more ground although we couldn’t get the 2nd floor off our minds. Theresa said in the hallway on that floor, it felt like a person was standing right next to her the whole time and no one was there, well not another tour guest. She then said I can’t wait to look at my hair because it was “set”, I looked at it and it was all jacked up, separated in all different directions.

Some of the guests stayed on the 2nd floor. They went into the bay window room and let us know they were getting a lot of activity. I asked what kind of activity. One of the ladies told us something bounced across the floor, K2 up to orange, and getting “the willy’s”!

As I warned the spirits earlier Theresa and I headed back to the basement into the slave room, both of us still feeling shaky and a bit dizzy. We set up 3 Maglite’s and began our session and very happy to receive responses to requests and questions by the flashlights turning on and off when asked. We were pleased and felt comfortable sitting, relaxing and asking questions. Theresa stated it’s calm and serene. Again her hair moving, I said “she has fun hair” and asked “do you like her hair?” of course the Maglite turned on answering that question. The group of 4 ladies later joined us and eventually the entire group. One of the men admitting he was a skeptic is now questioning his skepticism.

It was time to go, the guests really enjoyed their night in the hotel. After escorting them all out and packing up equipment, the rem-pod was still in the dining room, where it had sat all night. Theresa and I the only ones in the building standing in the piano room, what do we hear? The rem pod beeping as it did when we first arrived. The only 2 times all night it sounded off was the beginning of the night and the end when only the two of us were in the house!! We thanked the spirits for allowing us to spend time in their house and a very eventful evening.

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