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8PM Skeptics hand turns ice cold! Then he said,”it felt like there was energy going through his body

So he came as a friendly skeptic, all the way from Michigan. Friendly, but not believing . It's OK, we love look of a person with confronting something that is undeniable.

As he was talking like a skeptic, holding a K2 meter he stopped talking.

He openly admitted his hand, that the “spiked on red” meter was in was feeling “ICE COLD”. Other hand, normal and warm. Suddenly he said,

"I now know I was wrong, it's actually happening". And he

  • Part of this group had been to the hotel previously in the winter time and decided to come back with some friends now that it was warmer.

  • One young girl was feeling very emotional in the house. While in room #4 she almost began to cry because she had a overwhelming sad feeling come over her while we talked about the prostitute.

  • When we moved to the attic she said she was nauseous and that her ears hurt. This was the same girl who was a singer, and whenever she would sing the K2 would respond to questions about her singing and if it was liked or not.

  • On the 2nd floor in the bay window room one of the other girls felt like her throat hurt and that it was hard to breath in that room, like the air was thick.

(The room that a hanging happened in.)

  • We had the k2 go off in several areas.

  • Flashlight went on and off a few times too. When asked a question, .

  • When the only man in the group was using the dowsing rods in the attic he said that when he was asking questions and getting responses it felt like there was energy going through his body.

He said several times as the rods would move the hair would stand up on the back of his neck. The group also used the dosing rods downstairs and had several responses in room #4..

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