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Folks from Indiana had a great time, being grabbed, and touched then the weird noises….

  • 1 kid tried to take some pictures and his phone began to mess up which caused the screen to go black. He was able to get 1 picture before his phone would no longer take pictures.

  • As we were walking into the cistern room the 2 of us began to get crazy chills and before we could say anything the lady in the group felt something grab her ankles.

  • We used the k2 lighting up to confirm what we were feeling. We started to communicate and set up the flashlight. We were asking random questions and nothing was happening. The k2 began to flash so we asked to turn the flashlight on if they were upset about the changes to hotel. Immediately it came on. It turned off and never came back on.

  • We went upstairs to the 2nd floor in the bay window room and as we were just standing there listening we heard 2 distinct footsteps coming from the attic.

  • We listened a min longer and heard a long dragging sound come from below us. It stopped and a min later there it was again. Not sure what it was because it sounded like bags dragging on the floor but there are no bags. We had a co worker sleep in the basement, awioken to the same thing but he heard a gunshot then the dragging came down the stairs into the basement when the co worker said stopped.

  • Later, in the tour in the same room the lady heard a whistle come from behind her and when she mentioned it 1 of the boys felt something touch the top of his head.

  • We heard a couple bangs the rest of the tour but we’re unsure where it was coming from because it was always on a different floor.

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