INTENSE, ACTIVE NIGHT-the digital recorder captured the sound of 7 footsteps; it sounds likes boots

8pm-10pm 4 guests

Keith and I arrived turned on K2 meters in the piano room and received four spikes as if someone came to say hello to us. We walked through the house and also received K2 spikes on the 2nd floor in the hallway outside the ‘blue room’ and inside the ‘blue room’.

Guests arrived and we began tour. The six of us were sitting in chairs in the cistern using the dowsing rods; I established cross the rods for yes and push them apart for no. I then asked “if there is anyone in here with us can you cross the rods please?” A deep male voice was captured on the digital recorder that said “Go!”

None of us heard that voice at the time it was captured. I asked again “is there anyone in here?” The rods crossed. I then asked “can you point the rods to where you are standing?” the rods pointed toward the door out of the cistern. The rods would straighten out and with every question we asked they kept pointing toward the same door.

Five of us were sitting in room #4 trying the dowsing rods and Keith was on the second floor alone with the recorder in his pocket walking through the hall when there were 3 distinct knocks heard as if on a door. He did not hear the knocks at the time and came downstairs to join us shortly thereafter.

Twenty minutes later all six of us went up to the attic. Everyone was sitting either in a chair or on the floor when the digital recorder captured the faint sound of 7 footsteps, it sounds likes boots going down a set of stairs. The sixth and seventh steps sounded more faint than the first through fifth steps.

10pm-12am 4 guests

Camera malfunctions all night for this group.

10 minutes into the tour -We started the tour in the basement, a guest we will call “L” had problems taking pictures with her very nice, very expensive camera in the basement in the room next to the Cistern. She commented she doesn’t normally have camera problems. She was the only person receiving K2 spikes in that very same room.

17 minutes-one guest feels cold chill and breeze pass by them in the basement standing just outside the cistern in the basement.

21 minutes – we moved to the dining room on the first floor, a guest took 3 pictures facing the open staircase and looked at them right away and shared them with the group. There was a huge, bright orb above Keith’s head in the first picture, in the second picture it was in the staircase and in the third picture it was further up the stairs.

43 minutes – second floor, Keith and I were standing in the hallway outside the suspended bed bedroom, the 4 female guests were in the room and one guest had a spike on the K2 meter. A few minutes later they commented about hearing a ‘clicking’ noise, after the comment was made the digital recorder picks up a older female faint voice saying “Hello?” her tone sounded as if she were answering a telephone.

49 minutes – “L’s” camera is again malfunctioning, this time in the blue room. She also had a K2 spike at this time.

54 minutes – the group headed up to the attic, we all heard a bang from one of the lower levels, less than a minute later we heard it again followed by four footsteps sounding likes boots, we all agreed it sounding like it was coming from the 2nd floor.

58 minutes – we were sitting quiet in the attic when we all heard 5 fast knocks followed by 3 more fast knocks. We remained quiet to listen and didn’t hear it again after that.

1 hour 4 minutes- “L” went into the small room in the attic when her camera malfunctioned again. Her shutter disabled although her battery showed fully charged, she again received a K2 spike. Another guest commented “something doesn’t want you taking it’s picture!” Keith walked in the small room to see if his camera would work and it did, he had no problem taking a picture.

1 hour 24 minutes we all moved to cistern – myself and another guest, “L”, saw movement in the basement in the middle of room next to the cistern where “L” had K2 spike previously. We couldn’t explain it, it wasn’t a full body apparition but a shadow of some sort perhaps trying to form. We didn’t like it and went upstairs to the dining room.

1 hour 28 minutes – in dining room on the table in the center of the room a guest had four AA batteries, ONE battery rolled on the table and stopped. We tried to recreate it by walking by the table, stomping by the table, no batteries moved again. How did that battery stop and not roll to the floor? Keith manually tapped a battery, kind of gave it a little push, it completely rolled off the table to the floor. This was unexplainable to us.

1 hour 31 minutes – we all moved to room #4. We sat in chairs and on the floor. We were using the dowsing rods and receiving movement with the rods however the