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As we walked into second floor bay window room, half the group heard a groan or growl as they entere

  • Wyatt had stayed down in the dining room as the tour started. He joined us when we were in the attic because he had been laying on the couch in the dining room and while he was laying there the big flashlight he had laying across his legs began to roll up his legs against the incline. Wyatt gets picked on alot when he visits.

  • Another person that had been sitting on that couch began to get a headache, when they moved from the couch the headache went away immediately.

  • As we walked into second floor bay window room, half the group heard a groan or growl as they entered the room.

  • When we were standing in the small room in the attic one of the girls k2 started going to red, then she felt something touch her hand. She moved away from it and it continued to follow her across the room until she stopped.

  • We moved to the other end of the attic by the toys. We sat in this area for a while, the K2, and flashlights were going on and off to questions. The dowsing rods were moving but not really answering questions.

  • We were all in the attic and could hear knocking on the second floor below us. When we moved down to that area we didn’t hear or see anything.

  • As we came past we could smell smoke in the 2nd bay window room and the room felt heavy when you walked into it.

  • When we moved to the dining room, one of the girls started asking questions. She was getting responses from the k2, flashlight and dowsing rods. At one time she felt like someone sat down on the couch next to her.

  • Another one of the girls felt like someone walked up and stood in front of her, to the point that she moved to get away from it.

  • A few minutes later two of the people thought someone walked up behind them. Another couple from the group had gone to the basement, where they had some response from the flashlight to yes/no questions. When they went to the attic they again had the k2 going off in the little room. On review of the go pro video and digital recorders we heard a few voices and we picked up the knocking that we all had heard.

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