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6 days before Halloween, 2016.

Group of 10

Activity started right away tonight. The group brought high energy into building! K2 all night all over the building as well as outside!

These are the highlights of the night:

Discussing history in the piano room, one person standing in the dining room felt a cold breeze go past them. Grabbed a K2 meter and went back to the same spot, K2 was flashing up to red. 2 others standing nearby also had K2 as if something/someone walked by each of them to check out what was going on.

We proceeded to the basement and in the fireplace room, 2 of us had K2 flashes up to yellow.

Mag-lights were set up in the fireplace room as well and were turning on and off.

3 women walking down the basement steps reported each one of them was tapped on the head, they said it felt like a tickle. Was one of the children in the house playing tricks on them?

In the attic- one of the birthday hats on the dolls fell off.

One guest said she would put her hand on each toy and ask should we play with this one? When she put her hand on the red ball the K2 meter would flash red. This same guest was stepping up onto the balcony to go outside when she felt a nudge/help up on her buttocks, she looked for her husband who was on the other end of the attic.

Later a different group spent time in the attic and reported they set the mag light on the floor and watched it roll as it turned on when they asked for it to turn on.

From time to time my husband comes along on a tour, he never believed in the paranormal and always told me I was crazy, ghosts don’t exist. The hotel has made him a believer; he says there are things there that just cannot be explained. Tonight wherever he went in the building something followed, his K2 meter was constantly lighting up. He also got touched for the first time tonight. Sitting on the attic floor with some of the guests, he said it felt like little fingers playing with his hair, as if a child just ran their hand through and just picked up his hair. I did not hear this until our car ride home.

Piano room – taking a break later in the night discussing events so far in the tour, k2 flashes went around the room from one person to the next to the next to the next. Something was circling the room.

Dowsing rods were used in the piano room, basement and dining room.

Standing outside in front of the building one guest had the k2 meter in his jacket pocket, we had been talking for a while when his k2 meter started flashing up to yellow. Had we been followed outside? Did one of the spirits join us on a break?

Tons of photos taken tonight, great photos! Out of all the wonderful orbs and unexplained images, if I had to pick just one it would have to be the attic picture where 2 images were captured in one photo. 3 pictures were taken within seconds of each other, in the first a white mist streak, then a face of a man with dark hair, white collar shirt and appears to be on the chair.

Was an amazing capture. Later when we were looking at the photo again we discovered an apparition in the doorway standing in the small room! It looks like a woman, a short woman, 5ft perhaps.

She is a misty white figure with shoulders slumping forward. 2 different captures in one picture, kudos to our guest George

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