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Toy balls moving, people getting touched!


The red ball moved while part of the group was in the attic, they had placed the ball in an area, went to the other end of the attic and back and it had moved, they replaced the ball and tried to recreate or see if it was a board that made the ball move but it didn’t happen again.

The purple ball moved after they left the attic and came back up.

The dowsing rods were pointing to the names they were asking for it to point to in the group.

2nd Floor-

Dowsing rods pointing and following one person as they moved around the room, they asked for them to move slow and they did, then to move fast and they did.

One person was talking about going to the bathroom and the rods pointed to the corner of the room where the plumbing is set for the bathroom to be.

When one person was holding the rods they would only spin around and hit her in the face.

One person was walking through a doorway and thought their jacket had caught on something but after checking realized there was nothing there to catch on.

One person felt like they had walked into a cobweb but when they checked there was nothing there or on them.

Heard piano, just one note played, no one was downstairs with piano at the time.

K2 flashing in bay window room and big bedroom by the front of the hotel.

1st Floor-

room #4 when one person walked into room they felt like their throat hurt like someone had grabbed them by the throat or they had gotten hit in the throat, when they left the room the feeling went away.


Flashlight came on but would go on and off with questions.

One person had their glasses fog but just in one area and another person with glasses did not have the same thing happen when standing together.

Some dowsing rod and K2 activity in basement but not consistent.

K2 in slave room, which normally doesn’t occur.

One person felt like their right hand was touched by the door at the bottom of the stairs.

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