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And this was only Friday nights folks, Saturday was crazier!!!!!!

4 different tours last weekend at the hotel, all very interesting as guests reported seeing shadows, hearing whispers & a lot of touching going on as well as some guests getting scratched!

Friday night I, myself, being one of the victims of feeling a hand brush my right arm in the doorway leaving the slave quarters. I was the caboose of the 9 people train leaving this room, did an unseen entity not want us to go?

During the 10pm tour 2 men saw a shadow figure standing outside on the attic balcony. They described it as being the height of a child. They hadn't even entered the building & after watching the figure move then disappear were very anxious to come inside!

A female whisper was heard in the attic by a man & a woman sitting alone later in the night.

A different woman felt a finger stroke the back of her neck on the 2nd floor. My husband sat alone in the dining room & felt a hand on the top of his head that traveled down the back of his head. He was "pet" & this was his first time experiencing this type of connection with the spirits although he has made several visits to the hotel with me.

During the tour portion of the night, while all where in the fireplace room, there was movement, and noises coming from the corner under the steps. Two men walked over to the area to look for an explanation, perhaps an animal had creep-ed in. Nothing was there!

Later one of the men & his wife sat alone in the slave quarters, both of them saw a human shaped black mass in the doorway. Neither said a word to each other until they saw it again in the room leaning against the post. The wife invited the figure to join them & by requesting so, she felt a breeze go by & sit in between them! She immediately left the room!

Her husband stayed. When I spoke with him Monday at work he told me he watched something "darker than the dark" follow her out as she walked away. And this was only Friday nights folks, Saturday was crazier!!!!!!

On the 6pm tour, after I turned the group loose to investigate, a man was scratched in the basement slave quarters. He was not provoking! He watched as the woman were using a mag light flashlight turn on & off answering their questions. He felt "cobwebs" on the left side of his neck & a warm sensation. He asked his wife to take a look. In her amazement of shining her flashlight on his neck, she discovered a scratch that started behind his ear that ran down the side of his neck (see pictures posted).

A group of 4 women & myself had just finished a dowsing rod session on the 2nd floor in the front bedroom. One of them was feeling like she was suffocating & had to leave the room so we stopped. I went downstairs & they continued to walk throughout the 2nd floor.

One of the woman came downstairs to find me & tell me she felt a hand grab the back of her neck! She had red marks that burned (pics posted)!

A young gentleman sat alone in the bay window room, he reported a hand lay on his shoulder that was icy cold. He honestly believed his girlfriend had joined him in the room & to get his attention by laying her hand on his shoulder but when he turned to look, no one was there! She was downstairs talking to me at the time.

Several, several personal experiences during this particular weekend! Definitely a touchy, feel weekend by the resident spirits!!!

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