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Footsteps, lights on off on their own.

  • I arrived early and spent some time in the yard. As I stood by the 3 tire swings I felt the back of my jacket tugged on as if it were a child trying to get my attention.

  • After I went in the house, I was standing in the piano room waiting for guests when I felt the back of my head get tapped on my ponytail. I decided to set up maglights while I waited for my group. I sat in the dining room and put 3 maglights on the table. I asked if anyone was in the room with me would they please turn on one of the lights and the maglight placed on the left came on. I asked if it were Edward would he turn on the light all the way on the right and it came on. Then I asked could he turn on the one in the middle and he did. I continued with questions and maglight responses until the guests arrived.

  • On the tour the group received k2 hits up to red in the first floor bay window room and also in the second floor bay window room. We sang twinkle twinkle little star in the suspended bed bedroom and had k2 meters lighting up to red. While in the attic a guests birthday was the next day so we sang happy birthday to her, the k2 meters were blinking and lighting up to red as if Annabelle was singing with us!

  • The group spilt up to explore the house. I sat in Vi’s room and used the dowsing rods. One guest sat outside the room in the hall and watched. We decided to go into the slave room. Two women were in already in there and we asked if they minded if we joined them. They agreed and I set up 3 maglights each facing a different direction. We had great success with asking to turn on certain lights and the guests were quite impressed!

  • We sat in the fireplace room later and all the guests seem to congregate here. One guest was showing pictures she took in the attic of a white streaking orb. She played a video she took to check for anything in it and unfortunately nothing was captured. While we were watching her video myself and two of the guests heard distinct footsteps above us in the dining room. They were so heavy the floor boards also creaked. I seriously entertained the thought of someone human walked in the building. I know this was not true as I always lock us in on tours. We went upstairs and there was no one there and all the doors were locked.

  • It was getting late and guests reluctantly decided to go due to work on Monday morning, they all thanked me for a great experience and two of the ladies hugged me before they left.

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