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In the slave room the flashlight was going on/off to answer questions.

One person in the group was using their phone as a voice recorder. It shut off and then restarted, this takes multiple steps on the phone to do.

A camera stopped working then restarted once the person left the slave room.

While the group was in the slave room they could hear singing from somewhere else in the hotel.

In the piano room several people heard a little girl say “hi” and giggle. No young children any where around, checked outside.

In room #4 asked if someone could knock if they were in the room, had an immediate knock in response to request.

On the second floor, one person became very ill, felt a sharp pain in their head and had to leave the floor to feel better.

In the attic the dowsing rods were moving in response to questions. The k2’s were also going off and on in response to questions.

One of the girls had their ponytail pulled twice. The ball rolled across the floor against the grain.

One person asked Annabelle if she wanted to hold her hand, her hand was sweating and it turned ice cold, she had goosebumps down her entire arm.

Heard talking or singing.

Heard a door close downstairs, everyone was in attic.

Saw a shadow move and the k2 meter went off at the same time.

8-10 pm

This group had a lot of flashlight and k2 activity.

A flashlight laying on the table in the dining room went on/off.

One person in the group had a big mag light laying on the couch next to them and it came on while they were sitting there.

The k2 stayed lit in the dinning room and it became very cold in the room.

The k2 continued to light in the door way to the kitchen and you could feel cold chills of air. We checked no leaks in the windows causing breeze. The k2 continued to go off as we moved upstairs into the 2nd floor bay window room.

One of the girls felt like someone/something touched her neck in the hall on the 2nd floor.

The k2 and dowsing rods were moving in response to questions on the 2nd floor in the little girls room.

One person taking video had it turned off and then turn itself back on.

Another person using their phone as a flashlight had it turned off and then back on again. As the group was sitting in the attic the party hat that was on the stuffed bear moved and fell off.

10 pm-12 am

This group continued to have activity that had started earlier in the night.

The flashlight that was laying on the glass cabinet rolled across the top of the cabinet then came on.

One of the balls rolled from the attic to the 2nd floor. Entire group was asked, no one moved the ball.

The flashlights and k2s continued to go on/off in response to questions.

One of the girls had the door to the 2nd floor bay window room shut as she started to enter.

One person using the dowsing rods had several responses.

Pointing to people when asked and giving “hugs” with the rods, especially when told that the group was leaving.

Picture taken in 2nd floor bay window room looks like tornado “vortex” of light.

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