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2nd worker this week, has his 1st encounter. Alarm technician arrived after dark last night, he won&

Don arrived to check alarm system, and connect new equipment. It was already dark.

When he was in the 1500 sq ft tool shed, 225 feet from Hotel. As he prepared to leave something started to take the motion detector and make it turn on and off, then the door sensor started to actuate as if the door was being opened and closed, which was a problem because it was closed as well as locked. After 7 minutes it stopped and he was finally able to arm the alarm.

Don has a top of the line, head mounted, flashlight. This is a $85 light, not China Cheap. He said, "it has been hanging from my rear view mirror, for a month, in the off position. Never turning on". As he was driving away, pulling up to the main highway "B" the light flickered. He stopped, it came on. Then he watched it start to rapidly turn on and off. He said he got it to stop, by stating the following.

"You need to stop, and go back to the Hotel. Or you will make Patrick mad. Leave now while we are still close". It stopped lighting, and he drove home.

He said he will never go there alone, at night again.

I hope the spirit listened, and rturned to my Hotel.


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