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Sunday afternoon! College Students, visited us...

12/2/17 College Students Project

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

The project started in the basement sun room, as I discussed history one of the KII meters pegged to yellow.

We continued on to the fireplace room and in front of the fireplace only one KII meter again pegged to yellow. The KII meter in my hand then pegged to the second green light and began to fade as if the battery were draining. All of us watched as it faded for 30 seconds or longer, then all of the sudden it was full bright green again.

Was a spirit charging itself off of the battery in the meter?

We heard shuffling footsteps in the sun room and experienced a few more pegs from the meters in front of the fireplace. I state to the spirits that I need to show the quests the rest of the house, and ask if we can come back later. My digital recorder picked up a man’s voice, however I cannot understand what he is saying.

In the slave quarters, one of guests reported seeing a small dark shadow near the doorway.

Going up the to the first floor on the basement steps my KII meter was pegging/flashing to yellow and continued to do so as I rounded the corner on the first floor walking toward the dining room. The meter stopped as the base of the first floor steps.

In the bay window room on the first floor one of the guest KII meters pegged to yellow.

The bay window room on the second floor two of the three KII meters pegged to yellow and orange. We were in this room for quite a while as I had many paranormal experiences to share. Not until I spoke of the door closing on its own and a young man getting scratched down his back did the KII meters become active.

Across the hall, in what I have deemed the crabby man’s room, there was more KII activity. The same room we recently saw a shadow climb the wall into the attic, the spirit here is not pleasant to be around, grumpy!

We continued through the second floor and on to the attic. As we descended the two flights of stairs from the upper floors and reached the first floor we heard the rem pod in the basement fireplace room. We quietly snuck down the basement steps, stayed on the steps, watched and were able to video the rem pod. Once it stopped we asked questions and did not receive a response via the rem pod. We decided to try mag light flashlights again in the slave quarters. Our second trip was successful, when asked are you a man, the mag light turned on (it did not turn on when asked are you a woman). The students asked questions and received responses via the mag light.

Demonstrating the dowsing rods in the fireplace room, I asked if a spirit were with us to cross the rods and the rods crossed. I asked if this spirit was the one using the rem pod earlier, the rods pushed apart (we use crossing for yes and pushing apart for no). I asked do you know who was using the rem pod, the rods crossed, uncrossed then abruptly stopped. We stepped outside to warm up, several minutes later the rem pod began again. We entered the fireplace room and set up a mag light on the hearth. The rem pod became quite active as did the flashlight and both were responding to questions. Sometimes at the same time and I asked if there were more than one spirit in the room, the mag light came on. The rem pod responded to questions and when it was stated, by a guest, to simply play with it. This was the most activity I have received with the rem pod, it would light up to 3 of 4 lights when requested then go back to one or two of the lights. We continued this for some time, enjoying the responses to questions and just us chit chatting about the house.

There were footsteps heard from the sun room again, no one in the room and the entry doors locked.

The students had gathered enough for their project and decided to leave.

I laid my digital recorder next to the rem pod in the fireplace room and walked them outside. The following recordings were captured with no one in the building:

1. A jingle, perhaps the chain in the slave room.

2. Rem pod over 20 times pegging/beeping different levels, some short, some long pegs.

3. A whisper then a very faint “ok” in a female voice.

I returned to the basement to gather my things and leave. The rem pod continues to be played with. I thanked the spirits for being so active, informed them I needed to take my equipment home with me and I would bring it back next time for them to use again.

Most important, as I always do, stated do NOT follow me home! I am so glad I said that, the reason being, when I listened to my recorder from my time alone in the building there were 2 separate male voices on it. I was alone, the doors were closed, no one was outside, students and two construction men were gone. I did not hear this at the time it happened, only when I listened to my recorder:

1. Two knocks followed by a gentlemen’s voice saying “miss”. I was ok with that, he had a pleasant voice.

2. The second man, a much deeper, gruff voice says “____her”. Now you know why I was very glad I didn’t forget to say ‘do not follow me home’ before I left

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