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Letter from Keith, from N Chicago on his visit.

  • I’ve upgraded to good headphones and along with being able to finally “slow down” audio recordings I have found a lot more from my time there.

  • I shared some with some skeptics and they were floored! Of interest to you (that I haven’t shared already) – during the time we were in the post office area of the basement you told the story of your son’s friend being scratched and then let the spirits know that was not acceptable. As you finished a sentence I caught an EVP stating ” I didn’t do it.”.

  • Later you asked Charlie to turn on a flashlight, he did, you said good job and thank you, and then the EVP reply of “you’re welcome.” Very polite!!! lol.

  • I also caught a strange noise outside by the tire swings – like changing stations on an old radio and quickly skipping by a station with voices/static. Have you received EVP’s outside?

  • Lastly, early in the night I was only doing video off my camera as I sat in the front attic area with the toy horse. I was asking Annabelle to move the mane, tail, or bows on the horse. After 8 mins I picked up the horse to show what I wanted her to do. 30 secs later the horses purple bow/ribbon drops maybe 1/8 of an inch. Since I had moved the horse and it “dropped” down I figured I couldn’t conclude anything – it was gravity. After being able to replay using headphones, I have now had several people listen and everyone hears the instant, very quick but very clear giggle of a little girl within 1 second of the horse’s bow moving.

  • I know I am crazy, but having someone not interested in this stuff watch/listen and confirm without my advance warning is awesome

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