Psychic, visits for 1 hr.

Psychic, visits for 1 hr.

At the request of the group I agreed not to tell any history or paranormal experiences to the medium. The group had been to the hotel several times before, this was the first visit for the medium. We walked behind her and listened to what she had to say:

Piano room – “The woman outside on the veranda is wearing a long skirt looking over the railing at the people outside. She has her own money for her time. She has a message for you, she approves of you. She said stop worrying, you are not going to miss out on this, they thought the same thing about me”. I asked “she approves of what I am doing here?” “No” said the medium,” she approves of you specifically, she likes you. She protects you when you are here. She has been here a long time, she is wearing a long turn of the century dress, high neckline long dress, neck to floor dress. She makes things out of feed sacks, the print was pretty, she made clothes from feed and flour sacks, there are a lot of flour sacks. She is the woman of the house she is passing it off to you”.

1st floor bay window room – “There is a lot of imprint. People are playing cards, there are tables and card playing. People sitting around tables conversing. Not serious conversations, just cards and talking”.

“A younger energy is here, it’s a boy. He is not right, his head is cracked, he fell. It’s the right side of his body. Bam! Like that his head is cracked”.

*While standing in this room a girl said her rear end twitched it felt like her butt crack was touched.

“Someone drowned in this house, whoever is in the basement drowned”.

2nd floor bay window room – The medium advised me by saying “put your foot down, people are going to come here and try to do dark things, don’t let them. You need to lay down the law and watch people they will be testing you and you need to let them know that sh*t is not allowed!” “The woman on the railing is in here, this is her area, feel her energy”. *at this time the rem-pod on the chair beeped. “She is not putting up with things that are not done in the bright light. She is not mad we are here. There is a bathtub, keep picking up a drowning and there is another woman, she is depressed, she is laughing, it’s a cackle”.

“The woman in the long dress, she is in the white light. She knows the other side is there, she will go when she is ready, she just said she’s not missing anything”. Pointing at me the medium said “Picking up past life with you, this time period, you’ve done this before and she’s here to help you in this life. You gotta knock off the nay-sayers. You are going to have an African American cook here and the two of you will be friends”.

“There are people here with her (woman in long dress) walking through the halls. She will do what you ask her to”.

Middle room/across from bay window room – the medium hesitated at the doorway, I asked “why are you hesitating?” She replied “I have to ask to go in, the man in here is cranky. He’s a son of a b*itch, she (woman in long dress) said he is not nice to women, he’s a s.o.b. He is wearing big boots up to his knees, he worked for the owner of this house. His boots are muddy. Don’t let women stay in this room #6”.

Attic – She did not want to go up there, she said “I will be touched and I don’t want to be. The housekeeping and the help are in the attic. The same type of energy that’s in that room (pointed to middle room) is in the attic, there is no railing up there”. “There is a suicide here, can’t quite tell who it is connected to. Suicide may be female, not sure”.

*batteries died on video camera, took break outside to cool off and change batteries. Some of the group stood in the piano room and had K2 pegs up to red.

Talking outside medium advised me she had no idea where she was going today but told her brother it’s a 2 story with an attic and it’s gray. He stated it’s a blue house. As they approached the building in their car the side of the house is blue and the front is gray. They were both correct.

Evaluating the property, the medium commented “Indian energy outside on the grounds”. We walked over to the foundation of the old store. I said lets walk over to the store and she said “I pictured food storage, lots of food on shelves. The man in the riding boots, the s.o.b. is from the 1800’s, civil war time, has brown hair”. She stated she keeps feeling past life connection with me, that I had a house like this in a past life, was on the east coast near water. FYI- ever since I can remember all of my life, this life, I absolutely fell in love with every house I saw that had a wraparound porch and have always wanted one.

We talked about the attic again, she advised she didn’t want to go up there, because didn’t want to be touched.

Back inside the house, more K2 pegs up to red. We trailed behind her into room #4, she smelled fire, wood burning stove fire. She spoke of an entity “There is an entity in the house, it is not a person and it stays. It’s a shadowy man but not a person, swift movements you will feel it pass you by. But sh*t like that isn’t going to bother you. When you are here that woman in the long dress is around you plus you have guardians from the other side with you”.

We decided to go to the basement. While we were standing at the top of the staircase and scattered about in the hall we waited for someone to go grab a flashlight. The medium turned to me and asked “do you know there is a man with you?” I responded yes, I know. She continued “he comes in spirit and helps you”. I curiously asked “on tours?” “No, all the time, it’s your grandfather isn’t it?” she asked. I responded yes. “He is around you a lot, he helps you work, he has always admired the tomboy in you” she advised. My sister asked “so he’s been her with her for a while?” She replied “Oh yeah, oh yeah”. I slugged my sis on the arm and said “see I told you!” tears welled in her eyes as she slugged me back and said “I never believed you!” The medium stated “he works side by side with you, watches you work. He has this smile (as she points to one corner of her mouth) people remember his smile, when you think about him you see it, that’s what he is talking about”. I asked like a smirk, she said it’s like a smirk. “He wants you to know he loves you”. * Granpda passed away in 1978, I was 7 years old and his youngest grandchild. Every pic of grandpa we have is a half-smile, smirk type smile. She also told my sister and myself “He is also around your children”. Pointing at my sister she said “your children, your youngest he mentions being around that child specifically and giving that child courage and strength and he wants you to know it’s a gift”.

Group felt a breeze go by them and the one person standing at the bottom of the basement steps was touched. As we prepared to join the person in the basement, the medium said “your grandfather is with us, we are fine!”

Basement – She sees animals being slaughtered not in a humane way but it was for food purposes although not kosher. Creepy guy down here something came to doorway from the slave quarters. Still picking up on suicide in the house. Vortex in holes in the floors. Looking into the slave quarters felt uneasy. I mentioned I love that room. Medium said “that’s because when you come around it leaves, that creepy entity that creeps into crevices, it leaves”. “You need to research shadow men, you have a Native American shapeshifter in the house, it calls out people’s names”.

“Was there coal stored in here?” she asked. I pointed up to the ceiling we were standing right under the coal shoot. She advised us she is feeling shapeshifter again, she said “I am not afraid of you buddy!” “The slaves in the area were not treated right, there is a woman. The man in the boots has something to do with the slave woman on the property, there were sexual things, she was locked up as punishment in that room, she is depressed.” *one girl experienced goosebumps at this time. “The shapeshifter feeds off the energy in the building” she continued, “they come around when Native American land has been desecrated. They were very mystical in this area, a spinoff of a bigger tribe. They didn’t like the man who owned this house, one of his children bred with an Indian.” *a comment was made of the smell in the slave quarters, a bad smell. I stated “I sit in there alone.” “That is because you are protected, sh*t doesn’t mess with you, in your head you take charge so it won’t mess with you” she advised.

Sees the property being used for family reunions, the marketing of the property will be for events, weddings etc.

We headed upstairs and in the piano room I was told an old woman is going to be giving me some stuff, not part of my family, an older woman has antique stuff, I may not have met her yet but she will be giving me gifts.

Walk through complete, confirmation outside – I presented the scrapbook that contains, history, list of owners, census records, newspaper articles and photos. As a group we then discussed the history, previous paranormal experiences from former guests and generations of stories passed on to us by local residents. I was extremely impressed with the information the medium stated on her walk and enjoyed validating with the information I have on the hotel.

Before we all departed she shared a few more pieces with us “The lady that cackled on the 2nd floor, she is the one who drowned. The woman in the long dress is an entrepreneur, she is put together, wears her hair in a bun. She is the one who keeps stuff away from you, I feel her around you, she has a connection with you. Can hear the female slave crying and the guy in the basement is big and has dark skin.”

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