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8pm-10pm group of 8, "she swore a small figure was walking from right to left".

2 of the guests stated this was their 4th visit to the hotel.

Two guests arrived and we were talking in the piano room waiting for the others. We all distinctly heard tapping at the top of the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor.

Room #3 – A guest was running their ovulis on our walk through. While talking about the prostitute that occupies the building and claims the room we were standing in, the words blushing & job appeared on their ovulis.

2nd floor – On this hot, humid night one woman felt a cold chill in front of her.

Attic – Only the men heard footsteps come from the 2nd floor while the entire group was in the attic. None of the women heard them. Some of us went into the small room in the attic and three people stayed by the toys, all three confirmed the purple ball moved while they were sitting still on the floor. We returned to join the group by the toys and the K2 meters started pegging up to the orange color. One guest said she saw a figure in the doorway to the small room when another guest took a picture in that direction. She said she was looking toward that area and the flash from the camera lit the room and she swore a small figure was walking from right to left. A short time later we were getting K2 pegs again up to the yellow color this time. The guest with the ovulis had the name Virginia pop up. Could this be in regard to the state or a female name?

Piano Room – Standing by the display case discussing the history of the building and its owners, a different female guest stated the left side of her body was freezing cold, the hair on her left arm was standing on end. Her right side was fine, it was normal temperature as this was a hot night. The three of us later went in the basement slave quarters and she experienced the cold again on her left side only. I demonstrated the maglights and they turned on responding to questions and turning off when I asked. The ladies stayed in the room by themselves and were also able to experience the maglights responding to their questions.

Dining Room- maglights were used in the dining room turning on and off responding to questions. One person had camera malfunctions trying to take pictures in this room.

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