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Saturday 7:00 pm-1:00 am Paranormal Investigation Group of 6

The evening started with a tour of each floor of the building, followed by setup of 8 cameras in hot spot locations.

During the tour K2 spikes up to red plus Mel-meter spike up to 20 in the bay window room on the first floor. K2 spikes up to red also in the attic by the toys.

One investigator said he felt a tapping on his arm on the second floor in the hallway at the top of the stairs.

During their investigation the following was reported:

1st floor bay window room – a man heard saying “hello” responded to tour guide saying “hi” and asking “can you come in this room with us?”

EVP captured when asked “can you make a noise where you want us to go?” female voice said “go there”. One investigator later felt sick and had to leave the room. After he left another female voice was captured, she said “told you to go there!”

2nd floor– investigator said he heard his name called, asked the group if anyone said his name no, they all stated they did not. Cigar smoke smelled on this floor.

Child footsteps heard running.

Attic – camera in attic was shaking back and forth like someone was walking in front of it. (we were all sitting on the first floor, noted no cars or trucks were driving by at this time). It was the only one of eight cameras shaking.

One investigator was watching the camera monitors and while we were sitting on the floor by the toys, he asked me to move 3 feet forward. After doing so, it was reported an orb grew in size and was very bright as it flew over my head.

They asked me to move forward because they could see something hiding behind me.

What sounded like a conversation going on was heard in the attic. Sounded like it was on the 2nd floor, no investigators were on that floor.

A shadow in the doorway of the fireplace room was reported by two investigators sitting in the slave room.

Footsteps were heard and two bangs throughout the night, confirmed at the time all were sitting still.

Amazing activity, very active!

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