And of course “THE DEAD FLASHLIGHT ” turned back on as we left.

At 7pm on Dec 18th, Sally and I met up in the basement at the fireplace with the rest of the group. At 710, everyone left to their respective rooms. I wanted to stay where it was warm

I proceeded to add more wood to the fire and make me a man fire. It was beginning to be nice and cozy. We had 2 flashlights. One was on a 24volt rechargeable battery. That one suddenly turned off. We had another one, an LED light on 4 D batteries. We turned that on and it worked.

I was sitting on a chair directly in front of the fireplace and Sally was sitting on the hearth to the left of the fire.

At 7:25 I heard a chain rattling on concrete- like one shake. Very distinctive sound coming from the dungeon room. I asked sally if she had heard anything and she said no but felt a “heavy presence”. She made light of it and said “that’s where they chained up the Negros!”. So i proceeded to shake it off as being an odd noise and went back to staring at my man fire.

At 7:40 I heard about two to three shakes of a chain on concrete from the room. Now the sound also reminded me of maybe like a tin cup on prison bars as well. This sound shook me up, I saw nothing, just the Sound coming from the room “LOUD AND CLEAR”. I asked sally if she heard the noise and she said “YES”. I told her to grab the flashlight and we are out of there.

We did not want to meet the guy with the chain, so we decided to give them their privacy. Whatever it was in that room, I knew it was empty up till something started to rattle chains.

We proceeded quickly to the back door, and went to the car.

And of course “THE DEAD FLASHLIGHT ” turned back on as we left.

If you really want to know, go visit. Lt. Colonel Dave U.S.M.C.

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