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Saturday in October: Group of 10 on 8pm-10pm tour

K2 meters were lighting up like crazy to red while I was talking about the history to the group. In the slave room a guest felt her face get “pet” on her left cheek.

The group also heard humming and the sound of a door slam upstairs while we were in still in the slave room.

As we continued the tour we received k2 hits in the first floor bay window room and in each room throughout the first floor. One guest said her hand felt “tingly”.

As we entered the bay window room on the second floor the K2’s were lighting up to orange and continued throughout the second floor lighting up to red. We were followed all night on the tour. The tour guests were taking pictures on the second floor and sharing with everyone the orbs and mists that were showing up in their pictures.

Up in the attic the K2 meters were lighting up to red, also in the small room in the attic. The group settled in around the toys and I set up a maglight and asked Annabelle if she would turn it on and she did. We continued with questions asking her if she wanted to play and asked if she would turn on the maglight when I said the number of her age.

When I got to 8 she turned the light on. We sat quiet for a while lightly chit chatting then one guest asked if Annabelle would like to play hide and go seek, the maglight turned on then turned off and Annabelle hid, the K2’s stopped as well as the maglight.

We discussed splitting up and the group heard footsteps or a knock from the second floor. Some guests stayed in the attic as others went to different areas. As one guest entered the hallway on the second floor she said she smelled cherry tobacco smoke and the smell was gone within an instant.

In the slave room the girl who was touched earlier received responses to questions using the maglight.

In the bay window room on the second floor the door slowly closed on a group of 4.

The dowsing rods were used in the dining room with some success.

Many experiences and an active night for all who visited.

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