Friday, “The flashlight starting strobing, so many times we lost count after 30, it stopped shortly

8-10pm 8 guests

Fireplace room – one out of 7 kII meters lit up. It was weird, this one meter singled out when surrounded by other meters.

Attic- using a mag light flashlight, a male guest asked if the spirit could use the flashlight to blink for their age. The flashlight instantly starting flashing, so many times we lost count after 30, it stopped shortly after.

Then a female guest used the dowsing rods while sitting in a chair, she laid her kII meter on the floor at her feet and soon it was flashing to the highest level of red. Hers was the only meter going off! a bit later the other kII’s pegged to orange and green.

1st floor/prostitutes room suite #2 – 5 people in this room, kII meters were pegging up to red in all different patterns. they reported the room became very dark then light and kII meters pegged after the darkness passed through.

It was a total darkness, the entire room went pitch black, then back to a moon lit night. No one made a sound when it went black....

We heard something running in the attic, back and forth then a loud 3 bangs on the floor, when we went up to the attic. The 3 loud bangs on the floor happened again this time back on the first floor, not funny!


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