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Central Paranormal Researchers KC, capture a full body of light forming bottom of basement stairs!

Saturday February 10, 2018

At the end of this story, 42 seconds into video, right side of screen!

Central Paranormal Researchers (CPR) from Kansas City investigate, group of 6.

As I reflect on last Saturday night investigation, my mind whirls with the abundance of paranormal encounters and activity we experienced. CPR is an amazing, professional team, they drew out so much activity in the hotel and at the same time we had fun. We shared so many laughs warming by the fire on breaks and during investing several different rooms. Quite frankly I thoroughly enjoyed investigating with this team and look forward to their return!

We figured out quickly that being too serious doesn’t always work in the hotel. I have discovered this many times investigating in the past. This location was a party place during the roaring twenties, our laughter and high energy seemed to bring out the spirits from the past who were the party people.

I will begin with the above thought process by example with our visit to the Cistern Room. Standing in the sun room, we began an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session and had a KII meter set on the stack of boards on the floor. Throughout all of our comments and questioning the only time, which there were many, we only received red KII spikes when mentioning “bootlegging” and “moonshine”. Clearly aware of this, we would try other things, words, comments, etc. no avail. Mention moonshine and the KII meter would spike to red. Intelligent spirit with only one thing on his/her mind.

The basement – quite the hot spot on this night all throughout the night! Slave quarters: visited this room on and off throughout the night. Mag light flashlights turning on and off responding to questions for a very long time. KII meters spiking to the second green and yellow responding to questions.

Two female team members alone in the basement warming in chairs by the fire heard the chain “rattle”! It was not the metal “tink, tink, tink” we have heard in the past, they described it as sounding like some one shook it.

One male team member, two female team members and myself investing in the slave quarters heard a male loud whisper say “yeah”. Again, we experienced mag lights and KII responding to questions. Command center monitoring four cameras did report later that the mag light flashlight left in the slave quarters did not turn on while no one was in the room.

A very strange sound was heard on camera from inside the slave quarters. All were called to command center to listen. After several playbacks and establishing where all “people” were located and ensuring no one made any strange noises it was established the sound was a classic, cliché Indian chant. Bear with me as I attempt to explain and type the sound – “woob, woob, woob, woob”. Picture viewing an old western film, a Native American tapping his mouth with closed fingers while generating the “chant”.

The “dragging foot noise” has been heard in past. In the slave quarters, gathered around the block, some of us sitting, some standing, one team member heard the dragging foot noise and hushed all of us, ask if anyone had moved and described what he heard. We listened quietly for

more, I re-created the noise by walking and dragging one leg behind me. Asked him if that was what it sounded like, he replied yes. I told the group this is a sound we have heard occasionally in the past, only in the basement.

Fireplace room – the night began with the Rem Pod sounding off. Everyone was upstairs on the first floor. We hurried to the room as the Rem Pod continued. Filming & questioning began. I cannot even begin to count how many times the Rem Pod was triggered sounding off with the lowest green light, other times the blue or three of the four lights and sound at once. We conducted tests on how close we could get in range to it before triggering the lights and sound. The device was so active so many different times throughout the night we did not move it to any other part of the house on this investigation. The success of the location had all us decide this was the best place to keep the device for the entire night.

Four us of gathered by the fireplace, two men sitting in chairs directly in front of it, two females standing on the sides (being gentlemen they did ask us if wanted to sit, we both declined). The girl standing on the right suddenly gasped as she was startled by what she experienced! She felt someone walk behind her and up to the fireplace in between her and the man in the chair. At the same time the other man in a chair farthest away from her saw a dark shadow appear. He was seeing it as she was feeling it. We stayed in place discussing the event when I saw her grab the back of her head and run her fingers through her hair. She said “now someone is playing with my hair!” I replied I saw her suddenly grab the back of her hair.

Solid white silhouette – much later in the night, one male investigator and I were the only two in the basement sitting by the fire. We decided to go upstairs, right after we rounded the corner and entered the dining room, command center in the next room saw a bright white figure on the monitor. Everyone gathered at command center to watch the playback and ensure where the rest of the group were stationed at the time the figure appeared. The figure morphed out of nowhere next to the old wood burning stove and we watched in amazement as it moved toward and up the basement steps then was out of camera view. It appears 30 seconds after we left the basement! The replay was viewed, paused, examined several times, it was INCREDIBLE as all of us could see a head, torso, arm, hand and leg and the movement toward the steps almost left me speechless (that is a hard task for anyone to do)! The team concurred they needed to try to re-create. Flashlights were shined through floor boards, at the top of the basement staircase, through windows from the outside while command center carefully watched for some type of figure to appear by the flashlight testing. Nothing came close to remotely appearing as the same size, color and movement.

A miraculous, one in a million capture by this team!

1st floor

One of the female guests arm was grabbed in the hallway by the basement steps. She had just come upstairs from the basement. As she rounded the corner she felt her right arm grabbed, she felt the thumb and fingers around her arm.

In Vi’s room(room #2) the KII/EMF meters pegged to orange and red as the team investigated asking questions. We also heard shuffling or a dragging noise in the room across the hall. Dowsing rods were used in the piano room, usually a woman spirit is in this room, tonight per the rods it was a man.

2nd floor

The sound of a child footsteps were heard early in the evening. Throughout the rest of the night heavy footsteps came from the 2nd floor, sounded like boots. We would listen cautiously from the 1st floor. The footsteps were all over the 2nd floor all night but only when no one was up there. We would go to this floor and they would stop.

Three of us standing in the bay window room (room #5) heard what I would describe as a “frustrated grunt”. It was no doubt a man’s tone. KII meters would peg once on one side of the house, we made our way to the other side and the KII’s would peg on the other side and stop.

I strongly believe the spirit was trying to get away from us as we continued on our search. We left the 2nd floor and within 15 to 20 minutes the footsteps would begin again. This went on all night. I set a digital recorder at the top of the steps on the 2nd floor, when I later retrieved it, it had been shut off. Not due to a dead battery, it was in perfect working order with a full charge.


Early in the evening while setting up cameras and toys the team brought, we were by the small room in the attic, one of the KII meters was flashing to yellow and orange as a female guest talked about the toys and playing with children. The team carefully monitored cameras set up throughout the house the entire night, it was reported the small stripped ball moved while no one was present.

Truly crazy night!

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