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“While doing so the maglight flashed on and off in sync with his words to the Hail Mary prayer”.

8pm-10pm group of 4

Dining room – K2 immediately upon our arrival.

Piano room – all the K2 meters were flashing up to red while we were talking before I began to tell the history of the building. A bit later one person heard someone walking on the sidewalk up to the front door, the footsteps turned to walk along the front of the house. As the footsteps were heard on the sidewalk the gentleman was making his way to look out the front window, as he heard them along the front of house no one was there!

Basement slave quarters – a few minutes into this room, we hadn’t even made our way to the back corner yet, two of us heard a deep moan, we confirmed we both heard it and it sounded like a man. Maglights were also used turning on and off responding to questions.

1st floor – at the top of the basement steps walking into the bay window room, the last person in the line heard what sounded like two big exhales. He stopped me and asked if there is functioning ductwork. I replied no, we do not have electricity, air conditioning or any type of air movement within the house, not even an open window. He advised us of what he had heard, explained he did not hear an inhale, only two exhales behind him.

Room #3 – one guests K2 meters pegged to the second green color.

2nd Floor, bay window room – a female guest later advised us in the room across the hall, in the bay window room her right arm and elbow all the sudden got very hot. She said it felt like a heating pad was placed under her arm.

She didn’t tell us while we were in the room because it creeped her out. She was very reluctant about returning to that room later in the night and stayed close to the doorway for quick exit if needed.

Attic – dowsing rods were demonstrated, when I asked to cross them to let us know someone was here, they instead moved in the opposite direction. The left moved slowly back toward me stopping at midpoint. The right

slowly swung back and hit my arm. When I asked to return the rods to the front, the left rod just rocked back and forth while the right rod slowly made its way about ¾ of the way and stopped.

Dining room – interesting maglight activity in this room. It turned on and off responding to questions for quite a while, the person asking stated he ran out of questions to ask and decided to recite a childhood prayer. While doing so the maglight flashed on and off in sync with his words to the Hail Mary prayer.

Room #3 – while walking around the first floor alone I stepped into room #3 requesting anyone to make their presence known by lighting up my K2 meter. Instead I received a light tug on the back my shirt.

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