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I had my first paranormal experience at the infamous “Morse Mill Hotel". My 1st day working her

I had my first paranormal experience at the infamous “Morse Mill Hotel” my first day visiting, I was being given a quick tour from the owner, John Patrick Sheehan, and as he was advising me of “the scariest room in the hotel” as we stood in the hallway in front of the door of this room he went on to tell tell me why, in the hotels brothel days a prostitute was murdered in this room, he went on to tell me her name, and all of the sudden there was a”knock, knock, knock” right in front of me, the knocking happened 3 times, keep in mind we were the only two people in the building and on or around the property, it was pretty freaky and the hairs stood on my neck for the rest of the day. I had one other weird experience while working here, my phone was fully charged and as I went to take a picture of the “dungeon room” my phone completely shut off and was dead, when I walked outside to plug it in my car it was back to being charged before I plugged it in.

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