I was unlocking the basement door from the outside, the guests on the 1st floor told me they heard f

I was unlocking the basement door from the outside, the guests on the 1st floor told me they heard footsteps walk from one end of the 2nd floor hallway to the other. I asked, “what did the footsteps sound like?”, the reply was “heavy, definitely boots”! As we were preparing to start our walk through the building, one of the women sat the staircase with her arms crossed holding her stomach. I asked her if she were ok. A male team member walked over to us. She sat quietly for a while, then said “Pearl, she is classy, dresses nice, wears her hair up”. I was ecstatic, jumped & hugged her, I was so happy, I knew it, I knew Pearl was there! Now knowing I had a gifted guest on this night I paid close attention as we proceeded to the 2nd floor. Upstairs on the 2nd floor we turned right to walk down the hall. We entered the front bedrooms, exited and on our decent back down the hall two guests stopped in the doorway of the middle bedroom on the right. Together they said there is a man in there and he is wearing overalls, he is not happy we are here, he just wants to be left alone. This coincides with a reading 4 years ago, on the 2nd floor, from a very trusted medium, she described him the very same way. The old blue room was described as an action, get busy room. We just left it at that and went to the attic, lol! In small room in the attic, the 2 gifted guests picked up on a little boy. They said he is not mentally retarded however, slow or something wrong with his head. This also coincides with the reading from 4 years ago by my medium friend. Tonight, these mediums were able to describe his shirt, a white shirt made of lanolin fabric (there is a video of a little boy running across the attic, he fades in & out, it is clear his shirt is white). Someone asked what color his hair was, she replied dark, not black, dark brown & it’s in a bowl cut. This little boy has been seen and picked up on by others as having a dark bowl haircut. Our last stop was the slave room before beginning the investigation. Both mediums said there is a guy, he is in the corner. I asked, “what is his height?”, they both lifted their hands over their heads and said, “he is tall, he is a big man.” Many guests have over the past several years seen a shadow of a very large man in this room. She said “he is nervous about us being he, he is pacing and looking down, we make him nervous. He is a black man and he is afraid to look at us, he is scared something will happen to him if he looks at us”. I commented “this is one of my favorite rooms to be in”. She responded, “he is used to you, he knows you and knows he is safe with and can trust you”. 2nd floor investigation – we spread out in different rooms to cover more ground. I sat at the end of the hallway toward the back of the house. The medium was in the room to my right. Whispers were heard through headphones one of the men were wearing. The medium said the gentlemen in the overalls is named Frederick or pronounced Freederick, he is Dutch or German, possibly more Dutch. (in the 1870 census record there is a Fred Frairies from Germany as a farm hand boarder living with the Morse family). We spent a lot of time on the 2nd floor and as we did another spirit approached. A little girl. The medium said she kept saying “kitty”. She asked the little girl to come closer, then she described her as having long blonde hair and wearing a bow on her head. The little girl told the medium her nickname was ‘little bit’. When things quieted down, it was time for me to show the medium the scrapbook. She was amazed and so were her team members as we looked at the census records and pictures to validate the spirts she picked up on in the house. As she looked at the pictures of Pearl, she said “see I told you she was classy” pointing at the picture of Pearl wearing a Fur Stole and hat. Also, there are other pictures of Pearl with her hair pulled up in a bun. The little blonde girl is also pictured in the book, with a bow in her hair and holding a kitten. Later in the evening I pulled the female medium aside to chat. I was amazed with her and the male medium, how they worked together as a team to validate each other. I was so happy to share with them the scrapbook and validate their excellent job reading the spirits in the building. As we talked she says to me “you know they go home with you, right?”, I sighed and said “yes, I know”. She said, “they are used to you and know you are coming back, it’s a vacation for them”. I explained my sigh wasn’t a bad sigh, I knew it and when I am heading back to the hotel I walk around my house saying out loud “I’m going to the hotel, it’s time to go back”.


Ghost Hunting House Rules

          Prior to entering the building, we suggest your group have a discussion about your visit-Speak to your group, about the following details we’ve identified from years of tracking paranormal tours. Doing this will increase the chances that you have the experience you seek!

  • WHISPER: When you 1st enter, do so quietly. Pay close attention to your surroundings as you walk thru. Pay attention to where your group is, so if you hear footsteps in the attic above you. You'll know if it's someone in your group. A lot has happened in the first 15 minutes of a tour!

  • CHARGE BATTERIES: Bring Flashlights, fully charged, and if you have extra batteries we suggest you leave in the car. They have a way of being completely drained upon entry.

  • RECORDING DEVICES: Bring anything that records, shoot video, take still photo's, run a digital recorder. Fully charged of course, but leave the devices in the car till your going to use them.

  • POLITENESS: Be respectful, and brave. Do not use racial slurs, or mouth off using vulgar language. Especially in the slave dungeon. If someone near you is ignoring this warning-get away from them! We have a saying, you'll get what you bring in. Show up with a chip on the shoulder, pissed, angry you'll bring out pissed and angry. Happy, friendly and amazing things can happen

  • PHYSICAL CONTACT: Big men draw a few of the spirits out, especially if acting foolish, rude, arrogant. The only people that have been physically thrown are large, cocky men. If someone near you is ignoring this warning-get away from them quickly!

  • UNCONTROLLED SCREAMING/GIGGLING:When someone gets scared, or weird in any way, simply escort them to exit the building and walk away till you feel they are settled-never run! Besides you can't out run them! DON'T SCREAM!!!

  • PICTURE TAKING: Take pictures in sets of 3, the 2nd or 3rd tends to capture things your eyes will not see.

  • BE AWARE: Pay close attention to your senses, when paranormal activity happens it happens extremely fast. DON'T SCREAM!!

  • DON'T BE LATE: Try to get everyone to the property, parked, and ready to enter 15 minutes before your scheduled time, feel free to walk around the building taking pictures.

  • SOBER WORKS: Do not arrive intoxicated-we will not let you enter!

  • SMOKING: All smoking is done by your vehicle, nowhere near the building.

  • SHARE: Share what you experience, even if it's not logical. Odds are good the "Guide", can connect with the source of your experience. Usually the spirits will start engaging a group, at first in a small way.

  • BRAVERY: Remember this is real, nothing is fabricated. Therefore  no one should be here against their will. No one should be brought here, unaware of the potential for a paranormal event! It has been our experience, that you will get exactly what you bring. If angry, you'll get anger. If high energy, fun, it can make the activity go full throttle upon entry.

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