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Saturday 8pm-2am. A little girl’s giggling was heard from the group investigating the attic, he said

18 guests, 2 guides

While showing the guests the house we had K2 spikes flashing to yellow and orange on the 2nd floor in the bedroom located at the front of the house and the also in the attic.

A 15 year male guest reported the top of his head brushed by an unseen force in the corner bedroom toward the back of the house on the 2nd floor. A female guest got weak, dizzy and faint in the hallway by the old “blue room” and had to be taken outside by her mother & uncle. Two different guests separately advised me later in the night their faces were flushed and hot standing in the bay window room. They were not together on this tour and neither were aware they were experiencing the same thing at the same time.

The guests went their separate ways to investigate the house. The following was reported throughout the night:

Dowsing rods used on the second floor, crossing and uncrossing responding to questions.

Maglight flashlight set up on the display case in the piano room, turning on and off by itself, the paper price list on the front of the case was heard crinkle once when the light came on, as if something bumped into it.

Slave quarters in the basement, male guest stated temperature drop to freezing cold in front of him, so cold he could see his breath. Five others were in this room with him and witnessed seeing his breath. Temperature readings in the basement ranged from 52-55 degrees on this night. Not cold enough for one to see their breath!

Six of us sitting in the attic around the toys had K2 flashing to yellow. We noticed and commented how the K2 meter would flash when we were talking among ourselves.

While a different group of six guests were in the attic, the door to the small room was open. They saw the door move to close about 4 inches and stop. They closed the door all the way and it was moving as to push into the small room. They were all sitting in the middle of the attic by the toys.

Two people alone on the second floor standing in the bedroom toward the front of the house heard a rustling noise come from the area of the attic steps/old blue room. Then a ticking noise was heard, it sounded like someone was lightly flicking the exposed pvc pipe. We walked to the room to recreate the noise ourselves, flicking on wood, window and pipe and found it sounded most like the pipe rather than the wood or window.

Group of four heard “pssst” on the second floor toward the back of the house, they couldn’t decifer if it was male or female. They were alone on this floor.

A large number of the guests gathered in the slave quarters to use maglight flashlights. We set up 2 pointing in different directions on the concrete block. Only one of them was turning on and off responding to questions. Asked the spirit to try the other one and it never came on. So we switched the two lights to see if the preferred choice was the particular spot the flashlight was resting on or the preferred choice was the light easier for the spirit to manipulate. Asked again are you still with us, please turn on the light and the same one that previously turned on and off came on again. A male guest sitting in the corner by the concrete block reported a poking in his ribs, felt like two fingers on his right side poking and pushing on him. No guest was sitting to the right of him.

Two females in the basement alone heard a quick dragging noise, like a foot dragging across the floor.

A fire was burning in the basement fireplace, while sitting on the hearth a chilling cold spot seemed to walk up and stand right in front of us. It was around 3 feet in height, 1 1/2 feet in width. A child perhaps?

Late in the night there were ten of us left exploring the house. A little girl’s giggling was heard from the group investigating the attic, he said it sounded like it came from the second floor. No one was on the second floor.

Also “shhhh” was heard very loud in the attic. At the same time “shhhh” was heard quietly on the first floor. As soon as I heard the shush I asked my son if he heard it and he said no. We could hear the group in the attic talking and continue to talk after the shush. I said that doesn’t make any sense that someone in the group would do it while they are having a discussion aloud and continued talking. I only heard it once and we all know as investigators we will continue to shh shh shh to our group and talking stops, listening starts. There were very few of us left at this time as it was late. We walked up to the attic to join the group. One of them was telling us he heard a “shhh” very loud. I asked when? He said a few minutes ago. I explained I also heard it but I was on the first floor and it wasn’t very loud and I was the only one. The guest said it was extremely loud in the attic. We high-fived that we were able to clarify hearing the same thing at the same time!

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