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Shadows running in the night!!

Saturday May 26th 1:30a.m. after Friday night tour. Standing on the front porch with my sidekick, I was facing the yard, he was facing the river. We just locked up for the night and were chatting. The front of the shed captured my attention. The shed is large, white and on the edge of the property, opposite the house. It was a fairly, dark night with some moonlight, enough to cast shadows of the trees onto the shed. What caught my eye was not the trees however, a shadow of a man running in front of the shed through the yard and toward the street. I did not see a man, only a shadow that was darker than the shadows cast by the trees. Once “he” had passed the shed, he was gone! He did not appear to have anything in his hands or wearing a hat, I mention this due to a civil war soldier apparition seen previous years in the yard. I expected the motion lights to come on as they did earlier in the night when I was in that same area, twice. I also expected to hear the stride of his running footsteps on the ground. Neither of those two happened, no lights, no sound. I immediately spoke to tell my sidekick of what I just saw. He turned abruptly (as his back was to the shed) and saw nothing. We shined our flashlights in that direction, into the yard and up toward the street. There was no one! I am curious to know more regarding this phantom runner. I may investigate the yard late one night or early morning hopeful to see him again! 

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