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Drywaller's helper, yesterday approached me with a question. "Is this place really haunted&

Glen, big guy, yet soft spoken, respectful. I asked him why he asked.

"I was in the bedroom finishing walls, when something came in the room. I heard it enter, but more creepy I could feel it. All the hair rose on the arms, I honestly could tell I was being watched", he looks at me like I have the answer.

I told him, yes it is. Then I reminded him, be respectful!

Today, I meet them at hardware to re supply. I'm going to suggest they leave radio off, and try to get the spirits to engage them. Simple, knock 3 times on a wall, ask them to do the same. It can be 5 minutes later, so be patient.

I bet the skeptic draws the fire, and the helper gets left alone!


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