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Friday July 6, 20187’ish p.m.

Arrived early, alone in the piano room, dowsing rod session using one rod. Asked the spirit to move/swing the rod to answer “yes”. Asked the spirit to do nothing (keep the rod pointed straight ahead) for “no”. Is Vi here tonight? No movement from the rod. Is anyone on the 2nd floor? Dowsing rod swung back for yes & pointed toward the staircase, then moves to point at the kitchen. (later while investigating the kitchen was my most active room). How about the attic? Big swings for the attic. (K2 in the attic and in the small attic room one guy jumped back, had a cold chill right before the K2. He said it made the hair on his legs stand up). The basement, are there spirits in the basement? Rod swung back & forth for yes. Walked through the house with KII/EMF meter sweeping each room for activity. Set up the rem pod on the 2nd floor. Set up a maglight in the bay window room (voices behind Kyle & I talking on digital recorder). Maglight set up in the kitchen, turning on & off. Asked them to turn it off so I could ask questions. Asked if man to turn on the light, no response. Asked if woman to turn on the light, no response. Asked if child, no response. I sternly stated, if you are one of those three, I don’t want to talk to you anymore and you can stay in the kitchen for the rest of the night. Waited a few minutes and said let’s try this again. If you are a man, turn on the flashlight? Maglight turned on. Assured we are not here to hurt you, questions continued. 4 min 29 sec later digital recorder picked up a woman’s voice, 5/6 words, (keep an eye,???. We were not in the room, we had stepped outside, the recorder was left in the kitchen. Piano room again, using dowsing rods, two this time. Asked is anyone in this room, rods crossed. I asked to uncross the rods, they uncrossed and pointed straight out in front me. I then asked is there a man in the kitchen? Dowsing rods crossed. I asked do you like the man in the kitchen? The rods spread apart to tell me no. Next question was is it truly a man in the kitchen? Dowsing rods crossed to tell me yes. I asked her to point to the man in kitchen, slowing one rod moved to my right, then sprung back hitting my arm pointing into the kitchen. I asked to bring the rod back to the front and she slowly returned it to point straight out in from of me. The next question, did the man in the kitchen live here when you did? The rods crossed for yes. I called out letters and asked to cross the rods when I say the letter of the mans first name, the rods crossed on E. In the kitchen the maglight turned on, I asked whoever had turned it on to turn it off, it turned off. Guests arrive. Tour begins in Piano room/ Dining room. As I tell of the history of the building and its owners the maglight in the kitchen turns on & off. I ask to turn it off and only turn it back on if they agree with or know of the person I am speaking of. It continued to turn on and off as the guests KII meters also pegged. Being a fairly, warm evening, we started the tour in the attic to work our way down to cooler floors. In the small room of the attic the KII meter pegged and at the same time one guest said he felt a cold rush on the front of his body which made the hair on his legs stand accompanied by goosebumps all over his body. 2nd floor – Front bedroom on the right, a male guest is telling us he feels the sensation of electricity around his lower legs, almost like little shocks. He said he also felt this earlier in the attic however it was stronger now in this room. 1st floor – Bay window room, the same male guest asks “why does this keep happening to my legs?” He stated it feels like static this time. At the same time he didn’t even notice his KII meter was pegging, three times to be exact. Kyle then says there is a spider web on the back of his leg, he was standing still. I told him not to move and I checked the back of his leg, no spider, no spiderweb. Prior to all this happening I was talking about all the touching that has been experienced in this room. Basement – Fireplace room, KII meter pegging. KII meter pegging in the Dungeon/Slave room. We decided to sit in the slave quarters for a while to investigate. Kyle brought a candle in a jar for an experiment. I attempted to record this with a video camera (battery operated). It would not turn on. Fresh batteries and tested at home that day, the camera worked fine. At home the next day the camera also worked fine. Someone/thing did not want to be captured on film. We continue with the candle Kyle taking the lead. We sat far enough away so not to interfere with the flame. This was a new method for me and kudos to Kyle for suggesting it! The flame steadily burned as we asked for someone to move the flame or make it flicker for us. I told the guests this is my favorite room to investigate and it may take a bit of time for the spirits to warm up to us and once they do we will be here for an hours due to activity. A maglight flashlight was also set up by the candle, the flashlight flickered and turned off. As we waited we heard what we thought was someone’s stomach. Everyone heard it and no one claimed their stomach gurgled, growled or made a noise (there were only 4 of us). Listening to my digital recorder (rewinding several times to be sure) it is a man saying “hello?”. The basement floor is concrete, we were sitting quietly, several, several footsteps heard on the recorder, this came from the upper floor as the steps sounds like walking on a wood floor, not boots, perhaps thick heeled shoes. All of us were wearing sneakers. We did not hear this in real time. 20 minutes had gone by since we lit the candle, I decided to wave my hand over the top of the candle saying its not hot if you move your hand quickly, is there anyone in here that can do this? I demonstrated again, waving my hand across the top of the jar to show the spirits it will not hurt them. We watched with anticipation and finally the flame flickered and there was a shadow inside the jar!! Extremely excited we continued to request the motion again, it did not happen. I was thrilled with the one we did get to see! Kitchen (after the guests left) – Kyle & I experimented with the candle since this room seemed to be the most active of the night. We asked if anyone were with us that could manipulate the candle flame. After several questions of asking a spirit to wave their hand over the flame or if they could, blow on the flame. Eventually the flame became so dim we believed it was going to be extinguished. I had extreme chills as we watched as I sat in amazement and repeated Kyle’s name approximately 4 to 5 times to confirm he was seeing the same thing I was. I will absolutely try this again. 

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