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Saturday Night. Whistling in the dark, in the room with us! Shadows(tall like 6ft 6 inches) walking

Whistle in slave room, all 3 of us in the room. You could tell it was in the room with us, in the dark.

We saw a shadow move in corner of slave room by the chaining block. It happened after the Persian man spoke in his native tongue.

All sitting in big area of attic, we all heard noise come from the small room. It was one of the 100+ antique chairs that just got delivered.


After the noise we watched in that direction, guest saw very tall shadow peek out twice.

Mag lite very active in slave room.

Dowsing rods used in dining room, crossing & uncrossing. 2 times they pointed at Persian native

KII meter pegged to yellow setting next to me in slave room.

Holding a Rose Quartz pendant on a chain in attic, it circled clockwise, swinging very hard until I asked it to stop.

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