Why provoking is not smart! It's just plain stupid! Asking for trouble.

This young man was a visitor quiet awhile ago, in the company of a well seasoned team. He was young, and very naive!

In his words: "We got there early evening, and were just checking the building out".

I went into one room(opposite end of hallway from big deck) suite #1, mind you I just got there. walked into the room with no gear, asking questions, anyone here and so on, when I reached the bay window, I asked, Anyone wanna come out and play? just then goosebumps and hair stood up on both arms.

Later that night went back in there same thing as earlier that day, when asked to play, nothing so I started provoking-basically being rude, and belligerent, before a team member could react to stop me, he felt something (pure energy) rush past him and it instantly attached to me.

I lost about 10 seconds of time and when I came around, I was screaming GET OFF GET IT OUTTA ME. while rubbing my arms and chest.

All this lasted maybe 15-20 seconds.

Thankfully it did not follow me home.

Yes, I asked for it!

NOTE FROM MANAGEMENT: This has never happened before or since this night. We tell people, don't provoke, we also keep a watchful eye on everyone and what they are doing. The days of strangers being left alone in the building are over.

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