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"We were being followed", from the moment we entered....

8 – 10 pm

Dining room: We began our walk through the building after the detailed history. We were stopped in the dining room due to KII pegs flashing up to yellow, orange & red! This went on for approximately 10 minutes. The unseen energy was making the meter in our hands come alive!!! 10 minutes is a long time.

Basement, Fireplace Room: KII again for several guests, one pegging to red.

Dungeon: 2 maglights were set up in this room. KII meter pegged for one guest. As I told stories of experiences in this room one maglight turned on and back off. KII meters again pegging up to orange for a different guest and a few minutes later a different guest also had orange KII.

Cistern room: KII’s pegging again, at this point I believed we were being followed!

1st Floor Bay Window room: One guests KII meter pegging to orange. The group was thrilled with all the KII.

Walking up the first floor staircase KII meters lighting up to orange.

2nd Floor Bay Window room: After several minutes in this room, the KII meters began to peg for one guest followed by two more meters pegging. We looked at one guests pictures that were just taken and again our KII’s meters flashing. The guests stayed in this room to take pictures & ask the spirits questions since the KII meters were responsive. I stood in the hall letting the guests enjoy their time, my KII meter pegged to yellow.

2nd Floor Hallway: KII meters pegging for two guests as we walked toward the front of the house.

Attic: One guest felt like someone was pulling on her right side. Another guest trying to take pictures of her said her camera was acting up. A common occurrence with our resident spirits. The rocking chair in the middle of the room rocked on its own, we were standing completely still, some were sitting. One KII meter pegged.

Dining Room: Dowsing rods demonstrated for guests who had never seen them used in ghost hunting. They did not cooperate until the other guests joined us and were standing by the staircase, the rod in my right hand pointed at them. I asked for the rod to be brought back to the front so we could ask questions. It did not move, I reset & started over. Asked the spirit to cross the rods, they were hesitant to start and slowly crossed. They un-crossed and we began questions, the rods crossed for yes and un-crossed for no in response. One of the guests felt her hair being touched on the first floor in the piano room.

1st Floor Hallway: One of the guests flashlight battery drained, I gave her a headlamp to use she put it around her neck. We were in the back hallway on the first floor getting KII, a lot of KII. The headlamp popped or snapped very loud however, the light did not go out, become warm or hot, it made a pop/snap noise, startled everyone! The guests had asked for a sign of the presence they believed to be Edward (the KII lit up when they asked if it were Edward) that is when the headlamp popped! I have had the headlamps for 2+ years, they have never made such a noise. At the same time one guest felt cold chills on the front of her legs, she said it’s a tingling sensation, her KII meter was pegging to red. She said from her ankles to her hips. As they asked questions the KII meters responded to each question.

Back in the basement slave quarters the group was working with the maglights. The spirits would not turn them on. I stepped out into the fireplace room thinking maybe the spirits needed a break from me.

As I stood in the fireplace room I watched the only light in the room. It was cast on the floor under the staircase from the windows. I listened to the guests asking the spirits to turn on the lights or make a noise. The fireplace room turned pitch black, darker than the dark! The light cast onto the floor was gone! I looked at the windows to be certain no one was outside blocking the light. When I looked back to the spot on the floor where I had seen the light cast was back. I sat quietly, again the light disappeared, a shadow passed left to right blocking it. I told the guests I have a shadow in here and asked if someone (if not all) would come to doorway and watch with me to verify I was actually seeing what I thought. One woman came in the room and another at the doorway.

They watched in anticipation with me and we did see it again move right to left. Suddenly the room was not pitch black anymore, I could see the walls, floors and the support posts. I suppose t the spirit left after the others joined me. It was time to wrap up as I had another group ready to come in.

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