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Now as a adult, she remembers the Hotel as a child.

Frequently I'm contacted by people that have a connection to the building. This is one of those emails!

"Not seeking to hunt spirits, but she knows this building apparently.

My father, Nick, resided there for years when I was a kid.

Many realizations now being an adult when I look back, such as wondering

“why did that door close?”

Walking up the stairs to a very familiar feeling of I'm definetly not walking towards the window at the end of the hall. Things are seen, and heard in the these halls.

The basement.. well at the time the band was playing all the time, when the music finally stopped and the sun was up my heart felt pain and I wanted to rejoice with what ever was there.. not hurt or threatened by my acknowledgment. Something is still hiding in the shadows, of the basement.

My dad and I use to sleep in the room that you’d walk in through the front door- the living area- the kitchen- then there were stairs to the right or another room which is where we stayed.

My dad loved this place.. loved big river.. never knew such a past could live in the walls".

THOUGHTS: To this day, we still find the basement, as well certain rooms on the upper floors, brings some people to unexplained emotional feelings. Some people cry, without warning. Some people have said there resides a tall, dark skinned former slave who still is fearful of his keepers, standing in the corners of the slave dungeon.

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