1 woman alone, 1pm in afternoon inside the locked building.

So her task was simple, go in lock the doors behind you.

Wipe down the newly refinished floors, and dust the walls and ceilings.

Prep for the painting, that is about to start..

So I called, just to hear it's going smoothly...no such luck.

She said nothing, till I asked. It always the same from the "skeptical" first timers.

They won't volunteer what has spooked them, kinda as if they are still trying to come to terms with it.

How did it go? " I could tell she was driving, not working", I knew what was next.

Not bad.

How far did you get, did you finish?

Not really.


Well, I stayed 1 1/2 hrs., predictable pause

What happened?

Something started playing music, and walking the upper floor....

What did you do?

Alarm turned on, door locked, and I'm gone..

Will you finish?

Not alone........

Great,she lsted a whole 1.5 hrs!

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