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Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 8 PM-footsteps, shadows walking!

We went to the Morse Mill Hotel. Dawn and Jeremy were our guides. We started in the basement and sat down. They set up two mag lights on the slave block, Red and blue,both turned off. Dawn asked the spirit if they were a man, when the red flash light started flickering. Then she asked if he had black skin at which time the flashlight repeated the same affect. Mag lights don't usually flicker! Upon entering the attic, Dawn asked if the little girl wanted to play. This is when all of the k2 meters started flickering. Within the same space, moments later, Jeremy knocked on the wall. Which was returned by a single knock on the wall, and the sound of footsteps from the floor below.

We all heard it!

Then Jan saw a shadow, that was walking. I too was part of the tour on May 11, Steve is my name. After the guided tour we separated and to explore on our own. No one had been back downstairs since we started the tour, so My daughter and I went back down to the basement. The flashlights still in place from before. Earlier the red flashlight was the only one that flickered upon questioning. The blue one never turned on at all. I asked the spirit if we were bothering them. That’s when the second blue flashlight turn full on! Unlike before, the red one didn’t do anything. This is when my daughter started heading for the door. I then asked this. If they wanted us to leave. The blue flashlight turned on full again and stayed on! In both cases the flashlight reacted immediately upon question. As I started to walk out of the room I looked back to The blue flashlight, still full on. the blue flashlight became increasingly more dim as I approached the door, And completely turned off as I stood at the threshold of the door.

We knew we weren't alone!

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