It takes a lot to spook our guides, but this did "A loud shuffle was heard, in the direction of

Periodically, the guides at the hotel conduct private investigations where we attempt to pinpoint activity hot spots and triggers so they can provide our customers with the best paranormal experience possible.

These investigations can be long and tedious with hours of time spent reviewing recordings in hopes of some tangible evidence to provide you. Any seasoned paranormal investigator can tell you that these forms of evidence are hard to come by and rare at best.

That being said, Morse Mill never fails to blow us away with its mysteries and games. The following is our personal account of the happenings this night.

We began the evening with a setting up our equipment throughout the hotel. Right away in the first floor lobby area the REM pod (proximity detection device) begins to activate. At first we do not think much of it being we were near the device, so we backed away and asked if anyone is there with us setting off the device. Immediately the device activates with an even stronger signal than before. We ask that whoever is setting the device off attempt to communicate with us by activating it for yes answers only. There is an immediate activation in response.

At this point Dawn grabs her phone and begins recording. Dawn asks if we are going to have fun tonight. We get a very strong signal indicating a yes answer. Dawn asks if they will activate it again to verify that it’s not a random activation. We again get a prompt activation. She then tells them to hold onto the antenna, and we again get a positive response. Dawn asks if it is a female attempting to communicate with us. This question gets a long powerful activation.

After asking if it was a female with us and getting a yes response, we stop getting activation's as if to say that’s all you get.

We do know there are at least a couple of prominent female spirits at the hotel. Which one could this have been? Was the hotel just playing games with us? We were left to scratch our heads with so many questions unanswered.

We continue our equipment setup placing surveillance cameras throughout the hotel and setting up our command center to monitor them from. The plan for the night is to now monitor multiple areas of the hotel while attempting to trigger a response from the first floor command center.

We sit in silence for quite a while first just watching and listening, hoping to see or hear something.

We know that this old building is not giving up its secrets that easily. We opt

to bring out the big guns to try and trigger some activity. We don our Union and Confederate hats; start playing late 1800s to early 1900s music, and break out the old trusty whiskey bottle (used as a prop only). We sit for a while offering up drinks and smokes in exchange for some responses. We then began to discuss politics surrounding the civil war.

Someone was very interested in our conversation, because we began hearing footsteps walking towards the second floor stairs as if to come listen in. As we hear the walking we see dust begin to move around in one of the second floor rooms known for activity. The K2 EMF device on the table next to us also begins to activate, indicating a spiritual presence. We noted that nowhere else upstairs had dust movement and all windows were closed. I tell whoever it is to come down and join our conversation. The walking and dust stops at this point, so we continue our conversation.

A short while later, Woosh! A loud shuffle in the direction of the front door with the door knob turning angrily, like someone was storming out of the room with us to go outside. (I’m not going to lie, this seriously scared me) After composing ourselves we go to investigate. There is nothing there and no explanation as to how this just happened.

We decide to take a break and go outside for some fresh air before continuing. As we are standing there, I see a black figure appearing to be a man with some sort of hat on do a crouched run across the property and disappear into thin air. There were no details to this figure, only a dark silhouette.

Yet again we go to investigate finding nothing there and no explanation. Dawn and I stand there at a loss for words. She proceeds to tell me that this figure has been seen before. (Geez Dawn thanks for the warning)

Since we are just being showered with activity, we decide to go explore some of our known hot spots in the hotel. We begin with what we call Via’s room(bedroom #2). We believe the spirit of a prostitute who was murdered in the hotel during the time of it being a brothel still resides there. She and I have a special relationship. More times than not, she will activate equipment for me after a little flirtation.

We place multiple devices in the room including a flashlight. I begin my banter with her and right away the flashlight turns on very bright like a warm hello. I thank her for doing that and ask her to please turn off the flashlight so we can use it to communicate with yes/no questions. The flashlight immediately turns off. I ask if she missed me and wanted to hang out. Again the flashlight turns on very bright indicating a big yes. My EDI device also reads a rapid temperature and barometric pressure change at that time as well. I thank her for allowing me to communicate with her, and poof a bright lit flashlight again! Dawn hears the conversation and enters the room asking if I am flirting with Via again. Immediately the light goes out and the atmospheric changes return to normal. The poor girl can be very timid and can be scared off


Anyone who investigates the hotel should feel lucky to get a response from her and always remember to handle her with care. Via is very social when she feels safe, but when intimidated she goes quiet for long periods of time.

We decide to give her some space and move to the basement to try and communicate with another old favorite. We enter what most consider the dungeon room and set up the flashlight knowing it gets good results there. Dawn begins to try communicating with an entity she calls Edward. No luck at all with him so far. I make a joke calling him Edward scissor hands and get an extremely bright response on the flashlight with it immediately turning back off. I guess he didn’t like my joke (shrugs). We got nothing else out of him after this.

We pack up and head to the second floor In hopes of encountering another prominent entity Dawn refers to as “the crabby old man.” We set up our equipment and begin trying to communicate. We get absolutely nothing. Could this be who stormed out of the building and ran from us across the yard earlier?

The rest of the night the hotel was quiet and uneventful. In all honesty I can’t complain, we were treated to experiences that night that others spend a lifetime looking for. Maybe I have gotten spoiled by the level of activity at Morse Mill, but it always leaves me wanting more. The level of mystery and consistency of activity at the Hotel is truly unique.

Morse Mill Hotel is truly a place that is hard to put into words. It’s something that you just have to experience for yourself to understand.

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