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Footsteps, and women talking in the corner of a empty room.

The security alarm was accidentally set off, that stirred something up. Once it was off, there were footsteps coming from the 2nd floor, towards us. During the history briefing, an EMF meter setting on the table pegged a few times.

We headed to the basement. In the basement we used a mag light which turned on & off responding to a few questions. It didn’t respond for approximately 10 minutes, so I asked “are you not in the mood to talk anymore?” It came on so we left the room to respect the spirits wishes. I split from the team, sat in the piano room writing notes. They were in Vi’s room when they heard footsteps above them, stated it sounded like boots. They hustled upstairs to investigate! We gathered in the piano room using mag lights again. We had quite the long session with a spirit who responded to being a male. We also used the dowsing rods. The woman holding them was asking questions & the rods moved back slowly to touch her arm/s (sometimes it was only one rod). They would return to the front of her and each question asked they would again move to touch her. Once they crossed. I was asking many different questions reaching for a “yes”. Last night was quite toasty, the fans were running. Regardless of the noisy fans, two of us heard a low pitched conversation. It was coming from the corner where the piano is located. I quickly popped outside for the possibility of people on the street or in the yard. No one was outside! I returned to my seat & the conversation was still going on. Sounded like women, I am hopeful my digital recorder captured them. We returned to the basement fireplace room with the rem pod, dowsing rods & a mag light. Tried an experiment, 3 of us each holding one rod. As questions were asked, two of the rods would make the same movement, we were sitting near each other. The third would do the opposite. Did we have two different spirits responding to our questions? It is quite possible.

We never found the source of the women talking.

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