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Logan was camping in lower field Saturday, when he had a visitor!

I couldn't sleep Sunday, so at 3am I was at the Hotel checking to see that the alarm was set by the carpenters building the decks properly the day before.I had given Logan permission to have a yard sale as long as he is gone before Monday.

So I pulled up, thinking I would be greeted by the usual. "Sold lot's of stuff", but instead I was greeted by what I call the OMG expression, I've seen for years. The look people give me when they are telling me what happened.

Logan was sleeping in his truck, when a girl, he said looked 26, with dirty blonde hair. Came up to the window, and looked him straight in the eye. He got out, walked around and no girl.

People always expect me to be amazed. Frankly when you own a creepy Pre Civil Hotel that has Paranormal Activity day, and night. And for 14 years been hearing this, nothing surprises you.

Interesting thing is a few years ago, people camping in the same area said in the middle of the night, they saw someone lurking around their trucks. When they went to confront the intruder, no one was there.

I don't camp down there, for this very reason.

Logan was packed, and gone by sunrise!

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