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Saturday's full moon, never dull!

The group was in the Basement, they witnessed a dark black shadow looking into the dungeon room from the doorway. Peering around the corner. They said it was the size of a child. The interesting thing is everyone saw it. The drywall finisher said a few weeks ago, in the morning a shadow entered the room, peeked around the corner at him, was this the same entity, no clue!

I've been posting eyewitness accounts for more than 10 years. I've never before had a witness see a child size shadow in the dungeon area, tall thin males yes, I've seen the 350 lb massive shadow man, others have seen the ones that move like a dog, but no child in the dungeon area(not a very friendly place, especially for a 3 ft tall spirit) is this a new entity?

Annabelle, the 12 year old spirit has been seen, but in a yellow dress, blonde hair, pigtails...and we hear running, and laughing.

One woman was in the piano room, and says she could hear a woman whispering in the next room. This happens all the time! Useally by the stairs.

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