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Active night, for 2 guests from Iowa👍.

Every where we went it was active.

EMF meters responding to questions in the fireplace room,

Mag light responses in the dungeon, piano room & Vi’s room.

Dowsing rods responsive in piano room & 2nd floor (the crabby man’s room #6).

Also in this room(#6), EMF meters responded to guests after I left the room/floor, the meters were pegging to the highest color, red! An orb was seen coming out of the dungeon into the fireplace room as I was making a fire.

A man’s voice was heard coming from the first floor, top of the steps. While discussing the history of the property in the dining room a “thud” type noise came from the back of the house.

A metal jingle type noise was heard by the guests in the fireplace place room.

I was on the first floor, dining room, walking to get my keys & heard it also, maybe the chain in the dungeon?

The guests were on the second floor & heard a door shut, they thought it was me coming back into the building, looked out the window & I was still outside on the deck. The ovulis had a lot to say & mocked us at times. Example- the name Harriett popped up. I said I have an aunt named Harriett, then aunt popped up on the ovulis right after I said that, interesting..... Active night last night, I was very pleased, was a good time. 👻

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