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Alarm technician is frustrated, here's why!


I've been staying on top of this system, for the last 8 years. As you know I've never complained, not much anyways. But it's getting old. I've replaced batteries in the devices that are wireless, to only have to do it again 10 minutes later. I've had 3 sensors go faulty, only to have the faulty signal move device to device, basement to attic. I'm getting too old for the stair climbing. I suggest we take 10 batteries, put them in a dish and leave them out to see if it redirects the problem-bait the trap, maybe put a motion camera on it. I know we tried 4 years ago and something kept turning the camera off. Let's try again! Now the cameras are 100% controlled wireless from the web!


I know the new keypad on the main floor you reported wasn't working. So here's the problem. See the light on the motion sensor in the center of the picture? This is a 3 step motion, requiring 100+ pound mass(for false pet trigger avoidance)minimum aka ultra sonic, thermal minimum aka passive infra red sensor detecting heat, and microwave energy detecting electromagnetic radiation. Here's the problem Patrick something is triggering all 3, yet without triggering all the other devices- exterior doors, 3 motions before you get to this one. This is at the bottom of the super creepy basement-I hate this room, my hair on my arms always stands up. So I'll meet you there today, and we are going to add 2 more motions to this room, the creepy bastards will have to trigger all 3 motions to fire the system. It was funny at first, now it's past that, see you at noon. I'm also bringing batteries for bait!

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